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Dreaming of free TV channels with quality- choose Dreambox!!!!

2009-04-29 Print

Are you fed up of paying money for watching your favourite channels all the time?? Do you dream of quality channels coming straight to your home free of cost?? Do you want all the channels available to you??

Cheshire, 29 April 2009 ó Unwinding your holidays in a sea of tranquility, watching your favourite TV channel which is of high quality... a definite dream for all!! That too, free of cost is really a fantasy for all! Stop dreaming, as Dreambox is here! Dreambox is a Linux-powered DVB satellite, terrestrial and cable digital television decoder which brings you free, quality TV channels straight to your home which you can enjoy!

Dreambox is the product that is in vogue right now! Dreambox 500 (DM 500) is the smallest and cheapest of them all. It possesses the standard features of a free-to-air (FTA) satellite receiver in addition to extensive Fast Ethernet networking connectivity and a single smart card reader. The greatest advantage of this model is that it has the ability to be used on Digital satellite, cable and terrestrial broadcasts providers.

If you are a cable channel freak and looking out for a Dreambox to replace your cable set top box (STB), then Dreambox 500C is the gizmo for you!! Also called the DM500C, it was the first Linux based DVB Receiver to hit the mass market. This receiver operates on open-source software brought about by hundreds of developers all around the world and the beauty of it is, it is widely available and free to use. This is the supreme piece of equipment for anyone with any cable TV feed into their house and it can be up and running in no time. If you're looking for an incredibly powerful unit, and at the same time, something to have fun on, the DM 500C is the unit for you. These models have been recently upgraded to include the NEW Philips tuners which give you the best in sound and picture and are the best for cable systems. The DM500C is used on cable systems around the world. So go and grab one in next to no time!!

For all those who are satellite model lovers, then Dreambox 500S has to have a place in your home! DM500S is by far the best FTA (free-to-air) receiver in the market. Itís really within your means and with a quality that it can only boast of, this box is in reality in a class of its own!! The one thing that really counts is the ability to cardshare, which allow you to share satellite cards to hundreds of others connected to the internet. You can also connect up to 4 different LNBs to a 4-way switch and one output to the receiver. What this means is that, you can potentially view all the channels offered by the various satellite companies without missing any station in one box! Whatís more is that it can record with your computer, play back, play movies, enjoy music, view images and so much more! The bottom-line is this product is a classy affair and you afford to miss this at your own misfortune!!

A Dreambox is a prerequisite for all those TV lovers and to catch all possible channels your TV provider has available for free. There is only one place to be for the Dreambox, at, a company which attained prominence through selling the cheapest and best quality Dreamboxes in the market! So, whatís holding you in picking up a Dreambox??? Go and catch it at at once!!!

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Simon Chou,
469 London Road,
Alderley Edge,

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Simon Chou
469 London Road
Alderley Edge

Phone: 2565822210