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Hispanics Will Spend $17.6B on Mobile Devices in 2012, Zpryme INFOgraphic Presents Survey Findings

2012-03-21 Print

According to Zpryme, U.S. Hispanic consumers will spend more than $17.6 billion on mobile devices and $500 million on apps in 2012.


Austin, TX - (Zpryme) – 03/21/12 – U.S. Hispanic consumers will spend more than $17.6 billion on mobile devices and over $500 million on mobile apps in 2012, as illustrated in a new Zpryme INFOgraphic, 2012 Hispanic Mobile Consumer Trends (based on a survey and comprehensive analysis of Hispanic residents in the U.S.).

Producing consistent growth in a stagnant U.S. economy has become a chore for companies delivering consumer electronic products and related services in the U.S. To curb sluggish consumer spending, more and more companies have refocused marketing efforts and aggressively pursuing the massive Hispanic market via mobile. Overall, Hispanics are less likely to own a home computer than the overall mainstream - as a result, they turn to mobile devices for all-things-web. According to the Zpryme survey, almost 20 percent of all social media activity by Hispanic consumers occurs on a smartphone with Facebook (79 percent of Hispanics) being the go-to social network. What’s more striking is that according to the same survey, 26 percent of Hispanics click on online advertising about half of the time with 84 percent of all apps consumed in English (only three percent viewed primarily in Spanish).

“Hispanics are not only powering the growth of the mobile device and entertainment industries, they are shaping it. From the purchase of a new Apple iPad to chatting with friends on Facebook, advertisers must understand how to carve brands to be more culturally relevant to the Hispanic mobile consumer”, explained Jason S. Rodriguez, Zpryme CEO and Director of Research.

What's more, according to Credit Suisse, the leaders in spending on Hispanic marketing have outperformed those firms who have not spent much on Hispanic advertising by 270 basis points in terms of organic sales growth in the United States over the last three years. Association of Hispanic Advertising Agencies (AHAA) offered similar sentiment with companies that consistently devoted more than 14.2 percent of their advertising budgets to Latino media had seen sustained revenue growth over a five-year period with the top 500 U.S. advertisers dedicated $4.3 billion to targeting Hispanics in 2010 (the most recent year for which numbers are available).

Download the Zpryme INFOgraphic, 2012 Hispanic Mobile Consumer Trends here: link

Sample of findings from the 2012 Hispanic Mobile Consumer Trends by Zpryme:

  1. Over the next six months Hispanics are likely to purchase: smartphone (24%), laptop (21%), and tablet (18%)

  2. Top three smartphone OS used by Hispanics: Android (27%), Apple (21%), and Blackberry (7%)

  3. Top three mobile devices owned by Hispanics: laptop (70%), smartphone (52%), and mp3 player (42%)

  4. Top three daily deal sites visited by Hispanics are: Groupon (40%), LivingSocial (26%), and Eversave (10.2%)

  5. Top four mobile app types purchased by Hispanics are: games (48%), songs (41%), navigation (24%), and books (23%)

  6. Of Hispanics that own apps: (84%) of apps are primarily in English, 13% about half in English and Spanish, and 3% primarily in Spanish

  7. Of Hispanics that own apps: (19%) have 1 - 5 apps, (18%) have 11 - 20 apps, and (17%) have 6 - 10 apps

  8. Top three activities online by Hispanics are: (84%) email, (67%) social networking and (54%) video/music

About Zpryme Hispanic Insights Practice:

Zpryme-powered Hispanic Insight Practice (link) helps organizations understand their business environment, engage consumers, inspire innovation, and take action. Spearheaded by Jason S. Rodriguez, Zpryme CEO & Director of Research, this practice represents an evolution beyond traditional Hispanic market research and consulting: combining sound fundamentals, innovative tools and methodologies, industry experience, and creative/branding savvy to supercharge clients' success. At Zpryme, we don’t produce tables and charts; we deliver opportunity-focused, actionable insight that is both engaging and easy-to-digest.

For more information, visit: (Hispanic Insights under 'Practices')

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