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HelmetHead Cycle Gear brings GPS Tracking Technology to Motorcycle Riders

The Super Trackstick is a high-tech GPS tracking device which can benefit motorcycle travelers wishing to log their trips.


Sautee GA, USA September 8, 2007 – HelmetHead Cycle Gear™ becomes first motorcycle accessory website to offer Super Trackstick™.

Upon having paired with an industry leading company, Productive Electronics, LLC, HelmetHead Cycle Gear™ has began to offer the Super Trackstick™, a high-tech surveillance device which they say can benefit motorcycle travelers who wish to log their trips. The Super Trackstick™ does this and more, by completely integrating with Google Earth so that people can view trip logs with immense detail.

The Super Trackstick™ is small, lightweight and can be magnetically mounted to any metal surface. It can last for weeks on two AAA batteries and has an internal 4MB of storage data for trip log data such as speed, stops and temperature.

The Super Trackstick data is logged with latitude and longitude coordinates, and the Trackstick Manager software allows you to configure the device according to how frequently it should log (more frequent will drain the batteries faster), the amount of vibration to be present before the device triggers on and other options such as the ability to export all data to Google Earth.

Once imported into Google Earth, users can then see all activity in a 3D environment, zooming in and out of their routes, with location data easily assessable. Google Earth is free software, but is not required for complete functionality of the Super Trackstick.

More information can be found on this product by logging onto and searching for the Super Trackstick. Currently, they are showing an entertaining video on their homepage.

HelmetHead Cycle Gear™ has been an industry leading motorcycle accessories website since 2001, initially starting off with their Helmet Sunblocker™ and continues to expand their product lineup to offer accessories that, as they say, “ every rider can use.”

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