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Topline Innovations LLC Introduces the NEW Patented, AngLevel™ Multi-Purpose Measuring Tool

Topline Innovations™ LLC manufactures and distributes the patented AngLevel multi-purpose measuring tool. Our company is dedicated to providing all industries with cost effective, durable,innovative hand tools that are unparalleled in function.


The Diaz brothers have risked everything, to start Topline Innovations™ LLC and get their first product the AngLevel™ Multi-Purpose Measuring Tool patented and ready for consumers. Founded in 2005 their mission was to invent and manufacture an all new never before seen product. The AngLevel™ has far exceeded this by being the first ever multi-purpose tool of its kind. It is a cost effective, durable tool that features 7 tools in 1. The features are innovative and unlike anything in the tool industry! It’s now available at, and it’s debuting in the Inventors Spotlight this year at the 2008 National Hardware Show in Las Vegas on May 6-8th.

This is a truly unique product; the AngLevel™ Multi-Purpose Measuring Tool is a hand tool that was “designed by contractors for contractors”. Its distinctive combination of commonly used tools that increases the tradesmen’s efficiency saves space in their tool belt, while performing additional functions that other tools simply do not do. This all in one tool’s main features are: Magnetic Torpedo Level (with Neodymium rare earth magnets), Speed Square, Sliding T-Bevel, Angle Measurements (0-360 in 5 degree increments), Pitch finder (1/4, 1/8, 1-20), Plumb Bob, and 16 Inch Step Off. The AngLevel™ also performs a combination of functions that provides the same functionality as more than four common and essential tools, combined in a much more efficient and simple manner.

The AngLevel™ Multi-Purpose Measuring Tool eliminates the common problem of having to use several tools to accomplish one task when working on the job or simply doing a home improvement project through its many time saving functions. This is a 7 in 1 tool that is great for virtually any trade including but not limited to Carpenters, Framers, Roofers, Siders, Plumbers, Electricians, Do it yourselfers and more. “It’s so exciting to hear from satisfied customers thanking us and praising the quality and usefulness of the AngLevel”. Jeff Diaz Co-Inventor, President &CEO.

The idea for the AngLevel™ came while working construction, “Our problem was that all too often to complete a single task we would have to use 3 sometimes 4 different tools, in 3 different steps to achieve what the AngLevel™ completes in just one simplified step with a single tool.” says Geoff Diaz Co-Inventor, Executive Chief Operating Officer.

Despite the obstacles they’ve invented, patented, manufactured and are now ready to distribute the AngLevel™, an extremely unique tool that’s bound to have an impact on the market. The AngLevel™ Multi-Purpose Measuring Tool is now available for purchase at for $ 29.99, will be making it’s debut appearance at this years 2008 National Hardware Show in Las Vegas on May 6-8th and will be featured in The Inventors Spotlight .

About Topline Innovations™ LLC: For more information about Topline Innovations™ LLC and the AngLevel™ Multi-Purpose Measuring Tool visit their website at, or 978-315-2023.

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