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GPS Fleet Tracking Software Offers Critical Tool for Fighting Recession

Benefits include fuel conservation, reduced payroll costs, and theft prevention.

Burlingame,CA—TrackingTheWorld, Inc., a leading developer of fleet tracking software and GPS tracking devices is encouraging business owners to consider the many benefits of fleet tracking software in planning their strategies to weather the current recession.

Gilbert Walz, TrackingTheWorld CEO, said the numerous advantages of fleet tracking software include fuel conservation, staff management, theft prevention, employee monitoring, and improved response times. “Fleet tracking software provides an all-in-one solution to many very common and costly business management issues,” said Walz.

Fleet tracking software works in conjunction with GPS tracking devices which can be hard-wired to, or simply placed inside any vehicle. Through communication with space satellites, the GPS tracking systems provide detailed location and movement information for each vehicle, which can then be viewed using the Internet and fleet tracking software.

TrackingTheWorld fleet tracking software incorporates satellite mapping, such as Google Earth, to provide users with very detailed and accurate tracking information. Walz said customized, user-specific maps can also be incorporated into the fleet tracking software.

One of the most frequently touted benefits of fleet tracking software is that of fuel conservation due to the fact that dispatchers can easily determine the fastest and most efficient route for any driver. “Fuel costs on the rise again, and the current state of the economy are the two most popular reasons business owners are choosing fleet tracking software in 2009,” said Walz.

In addition to fuel savings, GPS tracking devices and fleet tracking software provide business owners with a cost-effective way of protecting their assets. In the event of theft, fleet tracking software can help business owners and authorities quickly locate a missing vehicle, before any damage is done. “GPS trackers are credited with quickly solving thefts, or deterring theft entirely. Our fleet tracking software can even be programmed to alert dispatchers when a vehicle leaves its predetermined route of travel,” said Walz, also noting that some insurance companies now provide GPS discounts.

For business owners desiring to keep payroll costs down, fleet tracking software provides valuable information on the misuse of staff hours by logging the frequency of duration of any stops along the employees’ routes of travel. “Fleet tracking software is the easiest and most reliable way to determine which parts of your business are not operating efficiently,” said Walz.

TrackingTheWorld, Inc. is a leading developer of fleet tracking software and GPS tracking systems. For more information about how your business can benefit from the many advantages of installing GPS tracking systems and software, visit or call 650-692-8100.

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