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OrangeHRM reaches 200,000 downloads

OrangeHRM is proud to announce that it has reached yet another major milestone on its successful path by reaching 200,000 cumulative downloads on

SEACAUCUS, NJ (January 20, 2009) – For OrangeHRM accomplishing 200,000 downloads of the Open Source Human Resource Management System since its first release in February 2006 to SourceForge is a great start for the year 2009 and we hope for a continuous exciting year ahead.

Last year OrangeHRM has already proven that it is a high competitive open source project on SourceForge not only by achieving high rankings but also by being awarded Project of the Month. OrangeHRM was chosen out of close to ¼ million projects and 1.8 million registered users to be Project of the Month in December 2008! SourceForge has a count of 25 to 30 million unique visitors per month and every month a project is chosen to be Project of the Month.

If you missed it please take a look at

The constantly increasing numbers of downloads show that in collaboration with its global growing user community OrangeHRM has established an open source product which is affordable for every company worldwide. With every release OrangeHRM has grown into a more stable application and with the wide range of possibilities offered within the product OrangeHRM has already left a mark in the world of Human Resource Management Systems. The latest version of OrangeHRM is available free of charge under the GNU GPL open source license. The immediate download, as well as a demo version of the application can be found on

About OrangeHRM Inc.

OrangeHRM Inc. is a highly flexible emerging organization in the area of Human Resource Management (HRM) also known as Human Capital Management (HCM). Being the provider of an Open Source HRM application, OrangeHRM offers an array of modules, such as Personal Information Management (PIM), Employee Self Service (ESS), Leave Management, Time and Attendance tracking, Health Saving Plans and Recruitment, all free of charge. In addition, OrangeHRM offers an On-Demand solution - a subscription-based hosted service that eliminates the need for installing and maintaining the product internally. Further, OrangeHRM has stretched its wings with the introduction of its new Platinum Support Plan, which supplements its existing Gold and Silver plans, to provide continuous technical support to its user community.

Free availability, ease of installation and use, professional support and customization services, short development cycles, fast growth and the leveraging of collective knowledge and intelligence, are just some of the factors encouraging SMEs everywhere to choose OrangeHRM as the solution for managing their most valuable resource – their people.

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