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Forbes Riley to Co-Host with Mario Lopez in Upcoming Infomercial

Celebrity spokespersons Mario Lopez and Forbes Riley have teamed up for the nationwide UltraFlex infomercial.

February 3rd, 2009

ST. PETERSBURG, FLORIDA - Celebrity spokespersons Mario Lopez ( and Forbes Riley ( have teamed up for the nationwide UltraFlex infomercial.

Forbes has worked with everyone from Montel Williams to Jack LaLanne and this new project brings together two powerful media moguls together in one infomercial for the next big fitness product.

Forbes Riley had this to say "It's inspiring to see Mario transcend from his days on "Saved by the Bell" to this megastar hosting Extra, working on Broadway and featured in the tabloids every week. And did I mention he has the most amazing physique... and has managed to be the most down to earth, genuine person I've worked with... he oozes charm, confidence and humility. That mixture will undoubtedly make him a star in the direct response world!"

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UltraFlex™ is a compelling new concept in exercise. UltraFlex™ (patent pending) is a resistance exercise device shaped like a bar or rod (think walking stick or ski pole) and is designed to bend end-to-end (think u-shape or teardrop) that provides resistance in both the compression and release phases of exercising. The resistance is variable; it starts at zero pounds of resistance when straight and resistance increases when fully bent. UltraFlex is the ultimate device to achieve Target Perfect Resistance™ (TPR™). TPR™ is a training technique that isolates muscles and muscle groups for maximum workout benefit. ULTRAFLEX Website


Forbes Riley has appeared on many TV shows and movies including 24, The Pretender and The Practice. Riley is best known, however, for numerous appearances in infomercials such as Jack LaLanne's Power Juicer, Aerobed, Microgrill, Maxiglide Hair Straightener, and Mor furniture stores.

Forbes Riley has carried the titles of #1 Female Host, Julia Roberts of Infomercials (according to Bill Geist of CBS News Sunday Morning), Billion Dollar Host, and the most successful infomercial host.

Having appeared in more than 75 infomercials and more than 100 commercials, Forbes has become a regular presence on television as a product spokesperson and television host appearing on such networks as ESPN, TLC, Fit-TV, Animal Planet, ABC Family and HSN.

Forbes Riley was the 2007 ERA Best Female Presenter of the Year. Her genuine curiosity about new products, her infectious smile and personality helps audiences relate to her. Currently she can be seen with Montel Williams in a project called Living Well with Montel Williams. In the spring she can be seen in a new show called Pitchman on Discovery.


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