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Bill Bartmann Interview Series – Part 1 – How Bill Bartmann Lost a Billion and Bounced Back

Bill Bartmann shares how his early experiences led him to discover a billion dollar tip for entrepreneurs


Tulsa, OK – Bill Bartmann has been nicknamed, the billionaire nobody knows. His story began when he left home at the age of 14 and joined a street gang. Being the smallest member, weighing 98 pounds did not stop him from picking fights with the big guys. Bill Bartmann still possesses great strength and determination today; a trait that has stuck with him throughout his many business ventures.

Bill Bartmann has agreed to a series of interviews where he will share his own experiences with success and failure. Bill Bartmann said, “Failure is an opportunity to learn and to bounce back.” Throughout his business career, Bill Bartmann has become a billionaire, twice. He has also experienced both businesses going under. But Bill Bartmann does not consider himself a failure; he learned from his mistakes and now he’s back again! Bill said, “Each time I bounce back just a little bit higher.”

Bill Bartmann shared what he calls a billion dollar tip for entrepreneurs, “I learned at a very young age that self-esteem plays a large role in your life and is a major key to success. Your self-image drives everything that you do; your self-image is linked to your self-esteem and self-confidence. When you improve your self-esteem then improvements in your life will naturally follow.”

Bill Bartmann said building a high self-esteem adds to one’s personal strength and self-confidence and gives them the ability to cope with life’s challenges. When things are not going as planned, those with a high self esteem are better able to face the problem and cope with the situation. Bill explained, “Those with high-self esteem are in charge of their own lives; they are not afraid to ask themselves what they could be doing wrong or what they could do to improve a situation. They take responsibility for what happens rather than try to blame someone else. Those with a low self-esteem will often deny that there is a problem, or blame someone else. Their attitude hinders their ability to solve the problem.”

Bill Bartmann has had his share of self-doubt and even times of depression; he wouldn’t be human otherwise. According to Bill Bartmann, when your self-esteem is strong and when you are clear about your core values, the things you stand for and what you are willing to compromise on, then you bounce back from the lows in life. Visit Bill Bartmann’s website at


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