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Free GPS Vehicle Tracking System Improves Company Bottom Line

Bluewater Security Professionals provides free GPS vehicle tracking systems to small and mid size fleets to improve mobile fleet productivity and increase bottom line profits.


Ann Arbor, MI — April 8, 09 – Bluewater Security Professionals today announces the offering of Free GPS hardware to companies with small and medium size fleets wanting to increase mobile employee productivity, decrease fuel costs and increase safety and security.

“Small and medium size companies are looking for cost effective ways to improve their bottom line in today’s economy. Providing the GPS hardware for free will give business managers reason to reap the benefits of a Vehicle Tracking System”, says Steve Stefanovski, President of Bluewater Security Professionals

One of the many benefits of Vehicle Tracking Systems is the fuel efficiency improvements that they can offer. Vehicle Tracking systems have been proven to reduce fuel costs by up to 20% and can also help reduce excessive speed, idling, unauthorized trips and inefficient routes. Vehicles traveling at 80 mph as opposed to 70 mph can use up to 25% more fuel. A vehicle that idles for an hour a day can use up to 2 gallons more in fuel. In addition to this, it can provide business owners with a way of protecting their assets. With theft on the increase, which some may put down to the current economic climate, GPS tracking systems can help business owners and authorities quickly locate a missing vehicle or equipment. GPS trackers have been credited with quickly solving thefts, or deterring theft entirely. Some insurance companies now provide discounts for vehicles installed with GPS tracking devices. For business owners needing to keep payroll costs down, fleet tracking provides valuable information on mobile employee activity, including extended or extra breaks, unauthorized trips or stops, unnecessary vehicle idling and late starts or early finishes.

Bluewater Security Professionals is a world leader in GPS fleet tracking systems and GPS tracking software. For more information on the firm’s FREE GPS tracking hardware program, please visit their website

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