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Joan of Arc Website Celebrates One Million Page Views

Joan of Arc website is celebrating a milestone achievement in receiving over a million page views since the website’s debut in 2007.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE / PRURGENT was launched in 2007 to provide complete information about the legendary historical figure St. Joan of Arc. Since that time the site has quickly become a favorite among Joan of Arc devotees as well as scores of people researching Joan of Arc online. The site had over 52,000 page views this past May alone and has now exceeded one million page views since it was launched in the early 2007.

Asked why the website has become so popular so fast Ben D. Kennedy, author of Maid of Heaven the biography about Joan of Arc that inspired the creation of the website, explained; “Joan of Arc is one of the most famous people in history and yet there are only a couple of websites that contain more than just one page encyclopedia entries about her. filled a need for people wanting a comprehensive site with detailed information about Joan’s life and history.”

The website by comparative standards is huge with over 300 web pages that are the equivalent of thousands of pages in a normal book. The site actually includes several full length books about Joan of Arc free to the public like Mark Twain’s famous biography Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc. The site is also attractive and easy to navigate with main headings of information like a Quick Facts page and a Quotes page that make it simple to research Joan of Arc’s history.

When asked it he thought the sites popularity would continue to grow Kennedy responded: “Absolutely, the site is just now starting to supplant the one page entries at the top of the Google ranking so as word spreads I think more people will come to know what a valuable resource is for anyone wanting to learn all about Joan of Arc.”

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