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Innovative Senior care Agency promotes healthy longevity with New book - Happy to 102

Home Care Assistance unlocks the secrets to living longer and happier.


(July 15, Palo Alto)— Home Care Assistance recently released its new book: Happy to 102: The Best Kept Secrets to a Long and Happy Life. Written by a team of senior care experts, Kathy N. Johnson PhD, CMC, James H. Johnson PhD, and Lily Sarafan MS, the book lays out specific lifestyle factors that promote healthy longevity for all adults.

Based on the well-known Okinawa Centenarian Study, Happy to 102 spells out precisely what it takes to delay or escape Alzheimer's and other chronic diseases, slow down the aging process, and enjoy better health in our senior years. It lists explicit factors, such as diet, exercise, sociability, mental challenge and sense of purpose that affect longevity. Chapters include, among others, “You Age What You Eat” and “The Psychology of Living to 102.”

These innovative methods give Happy to 102 a unique feel and set it apart from typical aging books. “This is the first book ever published and sold on by a senior care franchise and will serve as an unparalleled marketing tool for our locations”, says Sarafan. “What sets this book apart is its foundation in groundbreaking scientific research of the longest living people on Earth.”

The book’s Acknowledgment section reads, “To the centenarians around the world who inspire us. To the seniors throughout North America we feel privileged to serve each day.” Home Care Assistance is the only senior care agency to emphasize healthy longevity – a combination of lifespan and health span. With a focus on aging in place with in-home care, Happy to 102 inspires us all to live happier, healthier lives at any age.

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