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Smart Grid: United States and Global Hardware and Software Companies Should Prepare to Capitalize on This Technology

With President Barak Obama at the helm of $3.4 billion in smart grid grants, United States Hardware and Software Companies Should Prepare to Capitalize on this technology in the U.S. and International Markets.


With President Barrak Obama announcing this past October a $3.4 billion in smart grid grants and countries around the globe investing heavily in smart grid technology U.S. Hardware and Software Companies Should take heed and prepare to capitalize.

The grants will power an industry that is moving rather quickly of its own accord. The major opportunities presented by the development of the smart grid are not just for utilities, power marketers, energy producers, investors and venture capitalists; for example in 2014, 89.0 percent or $152.3 billion of the global smart grid market is projected to be comprised of devices, hardware, software, and communications equipment. These products will form the infrastructure and critical communication systems which will build, link, monitor, manage and secure the smart grid.

Of course not every hardware or software company will have the resources, technology or engineering expertise to compete in this market, but those with the resources and a flexible knowledge base should at the very least explore new product opportunities within the emerging smart grid market.

Many companies are forging ahead with products to address the smart grid needs of commercial and industrial users, thus making the transition to the smart grid a rewarding transformation for the United States hardware and software industry.

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