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Preventive Medicine Associates, Inc. Presents Advances in Addiction Medicine for the Judicial Community at National Association of Drug Court Professionals (NADCP) Conference

Barnstable Case Study Presented to Show Success of Massachusetts Model of Treatment


Boston, MA—June 10, 2010— Dr. Punyamurtula S. Kishore of Preventive Medicine Associates, Inc. (PMAI), a group of family practices located throughout Massachusetts focused on bringing the best care to their patients and community, presented the Massachusetts Primary Care model of Addiction Recovery at the National Association of Drug Court Professionals (NADCP) Conference on Friday, June 4 in Boston.

Dr. P.S. Kishore’s presentation at the conference titled “Putting a Drug Court Within Reach of Every American in Need”, highlighted how Massachusetts Drug Courts have grown increasingly significant in the overall addiction treatment in the state since its implementation in the 1990’s.

“Approximately 1,200 Massachusetts drug offenders are currently enrolled in special drug court sessions where defendants are given one last chance—commit to treatment and intense supervision to avoid jail,” explained Dr. Kishore.

He presented a case study specific to the Preventive Medicine Associates’ Barnstable Guidance and Education Center alongside a team of health care professionals who work for PMAI. Lee Souza, court liaison at the Barnstable Guidance and Education Center, Kevin Duffy, responsible for community relations at PMAI’s Malden, MA. office, Karen Furia, director of behavioral health for PMAI out of the West Roxbury, MA. office, and Caroline Riley, clinical director at the Barnstable Guidance and Education Center. This center serves as a multimodal treatment facility offering comprehensive medical, toxicological, and evaluation services working in conjunction with the drug, district superior, and probate courts to ensure positive outcomes for its patients and judicial community members. Utilizing nurses, nurse practitioners, and physicians as well as Ph.D. pharmacologists and licensed counselors, the program employs specialists in the treatment of addictions to serve the needs of the mutual clients.

Dr. Kishore’s “Massachusetts Model” of treatment incorporates evidence-based SBIRT technologies with the key components being constant, long-term monitoring of progress by performing surveillance of the disease state and brief interventions by the providers. The Massachusetts Model encourages family involvement and recovery community participation as well as frequent communication and collaboration with the courts. All patients undergo assessment and evaluation in order to formulate a treatment plan and they are offered individual and group counseling as well as educational services.

For appropriate candidates, medication assisted recovery utilizing antagonists is employed, specifically using Vivitrol, a once monthly naltrexone injection to ensure sustained sobriety.

“Long-term, integrated medical and substance abuse related services are delivered by Preventive Medicine Associates,” said Dr. Kishore. “This treatment is accepted by the health insurance industry as a safe and effective model of care.”

PMAI has treated more than 200,000 patients using this method in Massachusetts.

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