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Barbara Bernard Miller, Author Of Mighty Inspiration, Offers Hope To Child Victims Of Haitian Earthquakes

The problems Haitian children face today are overwhelming. But Barbara Bernard Miller believes that there is much hope to be found in even the direst of circumstances.


The tragedy in Haiti struck more than a small nation. It struck people all around the world. While many in Haiti suffered terribly, no one has suffered more than the children of Haiti.

Poverty, poor development, unemployment affecting over 2/3 of the population and one of the highest percentage HIV rates in the world make the situation for Haiti's children even more distressing. The latest figures from 10 years ago show that there were only 200 orphanages registered in Haiti. One might well ask what God intends in a situation so desperate it seems overwhelming. Barbara Miller, author of Mighty Inspiration, offers words of hope not only to the people of Haiti, but to those who suffer everywhere. She is intimately familiar with the challenges children in orphanages face, as she spent time in an orphanage as a child.

"I wrote this book," stated Ms. Miller, "as a way to capture my personal experience and divine inspiration. God has a message that He wishes all people to hear. They are words of love, acceptance, and encouragement to use your personal experiences and gifts to draw closer to Him and to change the world."

In Mighty Inspiration, Ms. Miller was inspired to write "All things, even the tragic and the sad, have the opportunity to bring you closer to Me. I do not create the sorrow in this world. I do not create the unhappiness in your heart. Life is not a guarantee for easiness or an unrealistically smooth journey. Life is about opportunity to find joy. Life is about opportunity to create good in and for other people. Even tragedies can move the world forward. Even tragedy can move a soul forward. It is in the joy that you create, in the results of the circumstances that you find a connection to Me. I do not prevent all things from happening because I have given you choices. I do not get in the way of your growth and development. I merely wait and see if you will return to Me to find joy again."

In Mighty Inspiration, Ms. Miller addresses forgiveness, passion, relationships, joy, harmony, progress and much more. She serves as the vehicle for God to reach His people, but understands the message is not her own. She considers herself to be the instrument through which the words are written. The book is full of words of encouragement, as well as messages that hold the potential to change the world.

"This book would be great reading for anyone who is seeking a deeper understanding of the meaning of such events," Ms. Miller continued. "Rest assured that each one of us is here with a purpose and a connection. We can choose our life path and our gifts and it is in our choices that we have power."

Barbara Bernard Miller recently appeared on radio stations across the country including WOCA-AM 1370 in Gainesville, FL, KFUO AM 850 in St. Louis, MO, WYZE AM 1480 in Atlanta, GA, WNTN AM 1550 in Boston, MA, Issues With Walt Shaw, WKTO in Daytona Beach, FL, WCUP AM in Green Bay, WI, Sirius XM Sat Channel 159, and Westwood One Radio Net. She has also appeared on The Christian Authors Show. She is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below or by email at Mighty Inspiration is available at her website, at, and other online booksellers and bookstores. 50% of the proceeds from Mighty Inspiration are donated to charity. A sample chapter of Mighty Inspiration: Love Letters From God is also available at her website.

Mighty Inspiration: Love Letters From God
Barbara Bernard Miller
Eloquent Books
ISBN: 978-1-60693-880-5

Barbara Bernard Miller entered St. Joseph's orphanage at age 3 as a ward of the state. She lived there from age three through eight. Her adoptive grandparents, Juel and Mabel Bernard, would get her out of the orphanage through the Friends Of The Orphans program. When their oldest daughter got married, she and her new husband decided to adopt Barbara.

She was educated in the Catholic school system in Cincinnati, Ohio. Directly after high school, she began her career in corporate America. She attended college at Xavier University at night and on weekends.

Since the age of 30, Miller has had many spiritual experiences in which God has given her messages. With each one, it has become increasingly more important to step out in faith and act or deliver the message without regard of the risk of judgment by others. Her experiences have prepared her to hear and act on the messages she receives.

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