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Sevya Keeps Traditional Indian Art Forms Alive With Its Fair Trade Products

Sevya, an organization offering fair trade products, is helping to keep the traditional art forms of India alive by working with artisan communities throughout India and showcasing their ancient crafts in the global arena.


Charleston, SC, 24 Jan 2011 : Sevya, an organization dedicated to fair trade principles, offers an exclusive range of hand-crafted textiles in myriad forms, ranging from scarves to clothing, bags and home décor. Sevya showcases India’s rich artistic tradition of handloom, wood block-printing, embroidery, and bandhani (tie-dye) through their product range and each piece is truly a work of art.

For their spring 2011 collection, Sevya is introducing a lighter, more romantic style of silk scarves. The range includes sheer silks that are woven with delicate shells and sequins as well as light ruffle scarves that add elegance without a high price tag. As the prices of silk have risen tremendously throughout Asia over the past six months, Sevya has worked with the artisans to develop designs that bring fun, fashion-forward styles at affordable prices.

In addition to their new hand-woven silk scarf collection, Sevya is also introducing a new range of bandhani (tie-dye) silk scarves for the spring. The scarves are hand tie-dyed on pure chiffon and crepe silk in vibrant hues that can only come on pure silk material. Sevya’s new cotton scarf collection is hand-woven of fine, soft cotton and some have handmade tassels in fun colors for spring.

Sevya’s new range of cotton tunics and dresses incorporate hand block-printing with contrasting borders and have been very popular this season. The tunics and dresses come in shades of blue, green, and magenta with delicate floral prints.

In each piece of its collection, Sevya strives to employ as many artisans as possible. For example, a single tunic will be hand block-printed by one artisan community, and then hand-embroidered and stitched by a women’s collective in a different region of India. As the owner of Sevya states, “Sevya” is a Sanskrit word that means service through caring. When we grow to be contributors more than consumers, we naturally care about humanity and the environment, and this is the greatest “seva” or service that one can provide to the world. Sevya aims to uphold the cultures of India that have developed and sustained the traditional art forms by providing sustainable livelihood to the artisan communities.”

Traditional Indian crafts like block printing, hand- painting, embroidery, weaving, and tie-dye are incorporated in each Sevya product and distinguish them from other mass-produced clothing and accessory items. Each item is a work of art that is handcrafted by highly skilled artisans who are paid fair wages.

Seyva is most well-known for their scarves in wholesale, which are well-recognized throughout the international market for their high quality and artistic design.

About the Company

Sevya is an organization dedicated to providing fair trade products like wholesale scarves, apparel, bags and jewelry. The organization supports underprivileged artisan communities by paying them fair wages and reinvesting in their communities through health care and educational programs. Sevya is known for producing high quality products using natural fibers with ancient craft traditions.

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