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CandyDate Jobs donates $1 million to Japan Relief Fund

CandyDate Jobs has donated over $1 million to the Japan Relief Fund which is one of the biggest corporate donations from India.


CandyDate Jobs, India’s largest human resource consultancy has donated $1 million or Rs 4.5 crore to the Japan Relief Fund. It was the largest corporate donation from India.

CandyDate Jobs said it felt the size of its donations was a necessary commitment for a financial services organization that prides itself on its community initiatives worldwide.

The quake registered nearly 9.0 on the Richter scale while creating a tsunami that leveled towns while instigating a nuclear power plant melt down.

Rahul Malhotra, chief executive officer of the company, said the sizable donation has been split between the Red Cross, World Vision and the various charities assisting with temporary shelters, medical assistance and sanitation.

He added, ‘This donation is to help both with immediate needs as well as the ongoing relief and recovery efforts in the months ahead. Exact allocations will be determined in following a full assessment of the earthquake’s damage and the country’s needs.’

CandyDate Jobs has also launched a program to help Japan recover from this disaster. It has approached its 1 million registered members to donate at least 3.5% of their salaries.

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