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Attorney Rob Nichols Provides Insight into the Foreclosure Process

With a weakened economy comes a rise in the number of home foreclosures. If a homeowner receives a foreclosure notice for their property, certain rules and regulations need to be adhered to by the state and the bank. Attorney Rob Nichols can help navigate people through the process and explore options to avoid a final foreclosure judgment.

While it might seem to many home owners that a foreclosure notice is the end of the line, it is in fact a legal procedure that provides many options for that owner. Woodland Hills attorney Rob Nichols specializes in providing the most up to date information on the ever shifting foreclosure laws. Because a foreclosure is a legal proceeding, any homeowner who has been served with a notice of foreclosure is recommended to use the services of a qualified lawyer immediately. Rob Nichols understands bankruptcy and foreclosure laws and is standing by to assist any homeowner caught up in this moment of financial crisis.

The warning signs of a foreclosure begin when a homeowner is at least two payments behind in their mortgage payments. At that time, even before a foreclosure notice has been served, it would be a proactive choice to hire an attorney like Rob Nichols to explore the various options available. One option could be to file a bankruptcy. There are certain bankruptcy filings that protect assets like property. If a homeowner opts for this route, it’s important that they begin that process before it is too late. Once a homeowner has been served a foreclosure notice, it becomes more challenging to receive a favorable bankruptcy filing in advance of an eviction.

Before a lending company can retake possession of a home, they need to file an official Complaint, Motion and Affidavit with the Common Pleas court. Along with this complaint will be the homeowner’s mortgage policy. The homeowner then receives a copy of the complaint and has five days to request a hearing to dispute the issue. Ignoring this type of filing is really not an option, nor is hiding from certified mail. At some point, those legal documents will be served officially either by a court appointed clerk or a member of the local Sheriff’s office. As upsetting as this type of notice is, working with an experienced attorney like Rob Nichols can be a great stress reducer.

A homeowner should realize when they have missed payments and how difficult it might be to make future payments. With that realization should come the call to action for hiring an attorney like Rob Nichols who is dedicated to keeping families in their homes with their property protected.

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