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EatSmart Products Sponsors the TMC Transportation Biggest Loser Weight Loss Challenge 2012

EatSmart Products announced they are sponsoring the TMC Transportation 2012 Biggest Loser Weight Loss Challenge. Throughout the 11 week challenge, EatSmart will donate bathroom and kitchen scales to be awarded to “Most Pounds Lost” winners.


EatSmart Products, a manufacturer of innovative health care products, announced they are sponsoring TMC Transportation’s 2012 Biggest Loser Weight Loss Challenge. This will be the fifth Biggest Loser Competition held by TMC Transportation, the largest privately-held flatbed carrier in the nation.

The 11 week challenge is part of TMC’s “Road to Health Wellness Initiative” and is open to employees nationwide. The program runs from January 7 to March 24 and consists of three challenges to help TMC employees work toward their health goals of 2012.

• Biggest loser challenge-- Person who loses the highest percentage of body weight wins two Fridays off with pay!

• Running Challenge-- The person who logs 100 miles ran the fastest wins a $50 gift card of their choice.

• Walking Challenge-- The person who logs 100 miles walked the fastest wins a $50 gift card of their choice.

As an event sponsor, EatSmart Products will be donating both bathroom and kitchen scales to the raffle and prize pool, including a Precision Plus Bathroom Scale, Precision Digital Bathroom Scales, and Precision Pro Kitchen Scales to “Most Pounds Lost” winners. As an added incentive, participants will have the opportunity to share their weight loss experiences throughout the competition on the EatSmart blog.

“EatSmart is committed to supporting community efforts, like the TMC Biggest Loser Weight Loss Challenge, as part of our company’s mission to help people manage and improve their own health” says Bill Geronimo, RPh. President of EatSmart Products.

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