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10 Reasons Why Relationships Fail by Orlan Smith, Ph.D.

10 REASONS WHY RELATIONSHIPS FAIL is a no-nonsense, straight-forward, accurate and un-relentlessly honest depiction and portrayal of obstacles that prevent the maintenance of a lasting relationship.


Without having the Entertainment Value of well- known celebrities who bring name recognition, curiosity and humor to serious problems, this small Self-Help Manual specifically cites 10 reasons, when followed will greatly increase your likelihood for a Successful Long Term Union.

Knowing the truth is valuable and when Individuals accept their own Shortcomings and or lack of abilities, they are more rational and objective when judging others. This leads to more informed decisions when selecting a proper mate.

This book/manual highlights Useful Advice in 10 different domains. Each one contributes significant clues for a solid relationship.

Many celebrities are looked at and admired, followed or believed in, simply because of their popularity and High Profile exposure, in the Public Spotlight.

Their lives are far different from the majority of ours, for obvious reasons. While the average Joe or Jane cannot live there luxurious lifestyles, their feelings and desires are equally as important to us. Don’t we deserve to be happy with our Significant Other?

This manual identifies both subtle and overt signs that, when interpreted correctly, will guide you to good social and private decision making.

The 10 Reasons are inherently based on Mankind’s Human Nature- which to date, has not and arguably, will never be changed. If you follow the information revealed in the manual, just 80% of the time, you will be wiser and more contented.

The author admittedly adheres to what he has written in 10 REASONS WHY RELATIONSHIPS FAIL, and as a result, has indicated that he never becomes angry, depressed, vindictive or physically or emotionally ill—due to a breakup with a significant other. Why? Because he has seen the signs, and attempts to do what is mutually beneficial for he and his companion.

“Life is short,” says Dr. Smith. “Enjoy the good times each day, as much as possible, in the right way. And, be patient until Mr. or Mrs. Right arrives.”

According to Dr. Smith, readers should become wiser, more knowledgeable and happier after understanding and applying the clues obtained from 10 REASONS WHY RELATIONSHIPS FAIL.

© 2011 Orlan Smith.

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