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Groupon Tops Daily Deal Sites Visited by Hispanics, Zpryme INFOgraphic Presents Survey Findings

Groupon is the number one daily deals site used by Hispanics in the U.S., as illustrated in a new Zpryme INFOgraphic, 2012 Hispanic Mobile Consumer Trends.


Austin, TX - (Zpryme) – 03/22/12 – Groupon is the number one daily deals site used by Hispanics in the U.S., as illustrated in a new Zpryme INFOgraphic, 2012 Hispanic Mobile Consumer Trends (based on a survey and thorough analysis of Hispanic U.S. residents. According to the survey by Zpryme, Hispanics are major-seekers of daily deals, having almost zero qualms filling inboxes with an endless procession of promotional emails in exchange for huge deals.

With almost 20 percent of Hispanics using social media on smartphones and 27 percent clicking on ads about half the time, the Hispanic market has enormous appeal for the daily deal industry. About 40 percent of surveyed Hispanics in the U.S. said they visited Chicago-based Groupon most often with LivingSocial (26 percent) and Eversave (10 percent) rounding out number two and three respectively. “Though daily deals are being widely utilized by Hispanics, this is still a market left relatively untapped by advertisers. Hispanics are tremendous influencers online, with social content now swaying the majority of their purchasing decisions – this market, both mobile and online will be the single largest source of growth U.S. companies have ever seen”, said Jason S. Rodriguez, CEO and Director of Research at Zpryme.

See the top daily deal sites Hispanics visit listed below:

  • Groupon (40.4%)

  • LivingSocial (25.7%)

  • Eversave (10.2%)

  • Dealon (9.0%)

  • TravelZoo (7.6%)

  • Daily Dealster (6.8%)

  • Buywithme (6.4%)

  • Tippr (6.4%)

  • KGB Deals (4.6%)

  • Other findings from 2012 Hispanic Mobile Consumer Trends by Zpryme:

    • U.S. Hispanic consumers will spend more than $17.6 billion on mobile devices and over $500 million on mobile apps in 2012

    • Over the next six months Hispanics are likely to purchase: smartphone (24%), laptop (21%), and tablet (18%)

    • Top three smartphone OS by Hispanics: Android (27%), Apple (21%), and Blackberry (7%)

    • Top three mobile devices owned by Hispanics: laptop (70%), smartphone (52%), and mp3 player (42%)

    • Top four mobile apps purchased by Hispanics are: games (48%), songs (41%), navigation (24%), and books (23%)

    • Of Hispanics that own apps: (84%) of apps are primarily in English, 13% about half in English and Spanish, and 3% primarily in Spanish

    • Of Hispanics that own apps: (19%) have 1 - 5 apps, (18%) have 11 - 20 apps, and (17%) have 6 - 10 apps

    • Top three activities online by Hispanics are: (84%) email, (67%) social networking and (54%) video/music

    About Zpryme Hispanic Insights Practice:

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