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Craig C. Mello to speak at 3rd RNAi Research and Therapeutics conference May 30-31, 2012 Boston, MA

Craig C. Mello, Distinguished Professor of Molecular Medicine at the University of Massachusetts Medical School and Nobel Laureate, will give a keynote presentation on “RNAi and Immortality: Recognition of Self/Non-Self Nucleic Acids” at the 3rd RNAi Research and Therapeutics Conference taking place on May 30-31, 2012 in Boston, MA.


Craig Mello’s presentation will discuss a remarkable silencing pathway that can permanently silence even single-copy transgenes. He will show that the initiation of silencing depends on the piwi Argonaute PRG-1 and its genomically encoded piRNA cofactors. His findings support a model in which PRG-1 scans for foreign sequences while two other Argonaute pathways serve as epigenetic memories of "self" and "non-self" RNAs. These findings suggest that organisms utilize RNAi-related mechanisms to keep inventory of all genes expressed in the germ-line, and to recognize and silence foreign genes.

Dr. Craig C. Mello’s pioneering research for the discovery of RNA interference, in collaboration with Dr. Andrew Fire, has been recognized with numerous awards culminating with the prestigious 2006 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine. Before RNA interference came to light, Dr. Mello studied the mechanisms cells use to differentiate and communicate during the earliest stages of the embryogenesis, a focus that continues in his laboratory today. His research has demonstrated that a cell's position in the embryo can determine what type of tissue it will ultimately become, and he has identified numerous genes involved in determining cell fate in C. elegans embryos. Mello's laboratory is now evenly divided between projects investigating RNA interference and embryonic development, and the two fields continue to converge.

GTC’s 3rd RNAi Research and Therapeutics conference is the only RNAi conference that brings together a balanced mix of over 25 leading experts from the industry and academia to collaborate on the latest cutting edge research on novel delivery methods, therapeutics, diagnostics, clinical applications, target discovery and validation in the RNAi field. Join us at the conference to hear from and meet with key representatives from the RNAi field such Craig C. Mello, John J. Rossi, the Head of RNA Optimization at Merck, the Vice President of Research and RLD at Alnylam, etc.

The conference is part of the Omics Evolution Summit, which includes 6 co-located conferences and a Clinical Sequencing Workshop on May 29th. Register for the entire summit and have access to the all of the following conferences:

2nd Genomic & Proteomic Drug Discovery Conference
2nd Epigenetics in Drug Discovery Conference
7th Protein Kinases in Drug Discovery Conference
2nd Next Generation Sequencing Conference
Genome-wide Partnering and Deal Making Conference

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