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Ronnie M's Commission Cash Code - Another Commission Scam?

I Just bought a copy of Commission Cash Code by Ronnie M. and I have to Warn you guys and Gals.. before you swipe your card.. Read the facts in this Commission-Cash-Code Review so you can decide.


Today I'll share with you my honest Review on Commission Cash Code by Ronnie M.. I'll lay down the facts so you can decide whether this is the kind of system to get you started on Making Money Online or Compliment your current Internet Marketing Efforts.

Commission Cash Code Official Site: Click Here

Ronnie M. is an renown Internet Marketing Guru who have added value in the this arena for the last couple of years. His products are proven to work and Commission Cash Code is no exception.

While I got my review copy of commission cash code I decided to put it in action to see what results I'd get. Today am excited to share these results with you.

Commission Cash Code focuses on using face pages to create communities with an intention of engaging fans with useful content and promoting affiliate products for fast results.

You can Watch Commission Cash Code in Action here

Of the 50 recommended niches by Ronnie on the members area, I decided to create a fanpage for Pitbulls and had all the graphics and landing page done by Commission Cash Code software. Within practically 8 minutes I had my fanpage up and running and using a secret formula discussed in the members area.. within 3 hours my fanpage had 272 fans.. Impressive right!? Of course it is..

Here are my results: It's recommended you sign up with both affiliate networks and CPA networks. So I started by sharing a link to a Pet Contest.. This was a CPA offer that was paying USD 2.5 per lead.. I shared the link at 11.00 A.M. EST and by 2.00 P.M. EST I had 11 optins, a total of USD 27.5. I couldn't believe the results.. It was so simple.. engaging a fan page is NOT difficult.. you don't have to create content only do a little Google Search and share interesting links, photos and Videos and then from time to time share affiliate and CPA links and you are in for the money.

I don't want to give much of what Commission Cash Code is all about, since its a paid product. but as a better tester for the last 8 months.. I've been able to make a couple thousand of dollars with only one facebook fanpage.. less overheads I average USD 800 per month by spending time on facebook doing what I love.

If you are still reading some make money online ebook written in 2006, you are wasting your time with old methods that don't work.. whereas users in the Commission Cash Code Community are leveraging the current social media wave to make the most this platform has to offer.

In concluding, Commission Cash Code is NOT a scam. Provided you put what you learn into action, then you'll definitely make lots of money. If you take my example of $800/ month and do it to 3 to 5 more facebook fan pages then you can start to see the revenue coming in.

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Remember Money follows speed the sooner you put Commission Cash Code into action the sooner you'll start realizing a second income that could potentially annihilate your current day job and eventually realize financial freedom.

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