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Antihero Film And Graphic Novel Huge Success At Comic-Con International 2012

Antihero Film And Graphic Novel Hailed As Cutting Edge, Next-Gen iPad, IPhone, Kindle, Android, Smartphone And Tablet EBook


San Francisco, CA. “This is awesome. I can actually read the dialog on my iPhone (Apple iPhone 4S 16GB) and it looks rad,” exclaimed Jordan, 31, of Sioux Falls, at his 12th Comic-Con, this year in costume as “Spider-man” from the upcoming “The Amazing Spider-man.”

antiHERO Smartphone and Tablet Graphic Novel Ebook Chapters:

antiHERO Laptop and Desktop Graphic Novel Ebook Chapters:

Claire, 19, dressed as “Mystique” from “X-Men: First Class” at her first Comic-Con, who “. . . can’t live without my iPad (Apple iPad, 16GB, Wi-Fi, black). . . The color and art really pop and I don’t have to squint to read what they’re saying.”

“Why don’t they do all comics like this?” asked Aaliyah, 24, in her “Black Widow” outfit from “The Avengers,” an illustration student at the Art Institute who uses an Amazon Kindle Fire. “I like the little animations . . . since it’s a video I can pause it or go back. Good idea. Looks great.”

Gabriel, 44, who has been attending Comic-Con since 1987, smiled as he watched antiHERO Chapter IV on his Google Nexus 7 (8GB). “These shots of the nightmare scenes really show off the screen’s brilliance. Wow. Can’t wait for the next chapters.”

Levi, 16, from New York at Comic-Con with his family, wearing a homemade Batman costume from “The Dark Knight,” watched on his new Motorola Droid Razr Maxx, thought “. . .the chapters weren’t too long. Zuke’s (the main character) a bad dude. And I like listening to my own mix. Sweet.”

antiHERO I, the first of three epic, action/adventure feature films and graphic novels, was released at Comic-Con International 2012 in two specially designed preVision eBooks.

The concept, as creator, writer and producer Michael Trachiotis explains, “. . . is to offer a graphic novel reading experience on the small screens of mobile devices. One solution was to make the eBook as a film so it plays as a video on any brand or operating system.”

antiHERO I, set in 1906 San Francisco, is a complement to present-day action/superheroes whose armory, weaponry and otherworldly abilities often overshadow their character and purpose.

“It’s antiHERO’s qualities that serve as courage, shield and blade . . . and his guilt that thrusts him on a personal, bloody hunt into the Barbary Coast alleys for his shanghaied sister,” states Trachiotis.

antiEHRO I matches, if not surpasses, the opulence and velocity of today’s tent-pole films, as his journey weaves through gory Tong hatchet battles, riveting firefighting sequences, an underground pirate city, suicidal rescues, opium dens, prostitution and political corruption.

Additionally, antiEHRO I is an exquisite recreation of the seedy metropolis, with stunning set pieces and panoramas of the before, during and after San Francisco shakes and sears to near obliteration including a white-knuckle ride on the 7,000 MPH rip that tears apart the city and edge-of-your-seat, pulse pounding climax.

Most importantly, at its core, antiHERO I is about a haunted man seeking justice and redemption.

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Phone: 415-577-1537

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