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Genealogy Q&A Site Proposal Needs Support

An attempt is underway to create a Question and Answer site for genealogy on the StackExchange network. At least 200 people willing to add questions and give answers during a Beta phase are needed for the proposal to progress.


August 26, 2012

Genealogists always have had questions on how to do their genealogy, how to find certain records, and whether there is any information available on the family lines they are researching. To date, there has not been one specific place they could go to ask their questions and get answers.

A new proposal for a Question and Answer site for genealogy is now underway at the StackExchange network. They are looking for genealogists interested in signing up and participating to help give the site the momentum it needs to get through the Beta phase. Once it meets the StackExchange network's required activity level, it will be added permanently onto the StackExchange network.

"This would be a Q&A site for genealogy, run independently of the interests of any genealogy company. It would be completely free for anybody to use." says Louis Kessler, one of the proponents of the proposal.

The StackExchange network current hosts 88 Q&A sites on a diverse range of topics ranging from Programming to Photography to Personal Finance to Homebrewing.


About Louis Kessler

Louis Kessler has been a genealogist and programmer for over 30 years. He maintains the GenSoftReviews site where people rate and review their genealogy software. He is also the developer of the genealogy software named Behold.

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Louis Kessler
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Phone: 204-488-2858