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Remember Me - Far Beyond Sympathy Gifts

An online boutique selling sympathy gifts was not the founding mission for Remember Me. The company’s clear objective is to be viewed as a business that truly cares for those grieving or facing some of life’s most difficult challenges.


After the loss of her 16 year old brother to suicide, Debbie Haget’s life has never been the same. “The pain I felt during this traumatic loss is a feeling I will never forget. Just as difficult was watching my loved ones crippled by this same type of pain.” Even though healing and recovery slowly evolved, this pain reared its ugly head whenever there was a mention of someone dealing with loss due to suicide or any type of death.

There was a defining moment in Debbie’s life when she decided it was time to help those grieving. “After the devastation of suicide that hit my family, many other families contacted me and shared their experiences. It brought me immediately back to that unforgettable pain. I remember this moment so clearly. I had received a call concerning yet another suicide. It was actually the fourth call of this nature that year. I literally slammed my fist on my desk and thought ‘enough is enough’.”

Remember Me’s mission is very clear but incredibly complex. Often feeling overwhelmed by the desire to help many grieving, while also hoping to support Suicide Awareness and Prevention, Remember Me is taking one step at a time. Realizing that the pain of loss lasts longer than the life of flowers, Remember Me now offers hand selected sympathy gifts that focus on keeping memories alive and comforting those grieving. Suicide Prevention Resources are available and constantly evolving taking the first of many steps towards Suicide Prevention.

To aid in the healing process, Remember Me offers hope and inspiration during the grieving process. A great deal of time is spent on Remember Me’s Facebook page. “I spend a lot of time on my Facebook page. I love posting inspirational and encouraging photos. When I get a “like” from an inspirational photo, it makes my day. One of my favorite things to do is create Facebook timeline covers in memory of my follower’s lost loved ones. I do not profit from this monetarily, but the rewards are far greater."

Remember Me is just getting started. Once the sympathy gifts side of the business is established, proceeds from sales will be donated to charities supporting Suicide Awareness through

“Then my true passion will be unleashed. With God’s help, I hope to be a significant contributor to saving lives through Suicide Awareness and Prevention. Even if I touch one life a day, I will have reached my goal… and, I can’t wait!”

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Remember Me
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Phone: (888) 633-8598