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MMOBUX Analyzes Satoshi Nakamoto's Bitcoin Digital Currency

A long time MMO currency research website discusses the role of Bitcoin and it's role on the changing market trends towards online monetary exchange.


On October 15th, 2012, MMOBUX published a comparative piece on the real world impacts of the fast growing Bitcoin digital currency, such as the recent WikiLeaks countermeasure against government's payment gateway blockage, against its miniature model: in-game currency and the real money trading (RMT) industry.

MMOBUX, a familiar name amongst virtual currency research for MMOs and the secondary market, has recently made an analysis of Bitcoin, a digital currency developed as an open-source project that challenges government-backed tangible cash as an alternative means for monetary exchange. The piece by Priyanka Singh illustrates the growing presence of virtual currencies in today's business, touching briefly on Google Bucks and Facebook Credits before going into an in-dept discussion on Bitcoin.

The comparative piece first provides an introduction to the digital money exchange system, describing the use of Bitcoin clients and the generation of 33 string so-called monies. The publication then goes on to analyze what Bitcoin offers by embracing a true peer-to-peer model and removing authoritative figures completely out of the picture.

Besides bringing up several other Bitcoin related topics such as the recent hack issue that resulted in a lost of $250,000 worth of satoshis (the Bitcoin currency), Priyanka brings the piece to closure; comparing Bitcoin's current struggle to the war between game developers and gold shops.

With a growing database of over 140K in-game currency prices for over 2,200 servers collected since 2006, MMOBUX continues to provide the gaming community and market researchers with real-time price data, trends, shop ratings and customer reviews.

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