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[SURVEY] Hispanics Concerned with Security when Mobile Banking, Zpryme and ThinkNow Research Reports

New INFOgraphic by Zpryme and ThinkNow Research detailing Hispanic mobile banking behavior, attitudes, and perceptions.


Austin, TX - (Zpryme) – 12/03/12 – Based on a recent survey by Zpryme and ThinkNow Research, the most cited (44.0%) reason why Hispanics do not turn to mobile banking is due to information security, while (21.0%) don’t have smartphone, cell phone, or tablet with internet access (16.0%) my mobile screen is too small, and (5.0%) internet connections take too long or don’t hold.

Download the INFOgraphic by Zpryme and ThinkNow Research, Hispanic Mobile Banking Survey 2012: Zpryme Hispanic Insights

“From viewing transactions to transferring money, almost half of Hispanics do not feel confident banking on a mobile device,” said Jason Rodriguez, CEO and Director of Research for Zpryme. “With Hispanic tablet and smartphone purchases as well as mobile internet usage moving faster than any other demographic in the United States, companies, more specifically banks, carriers, and mobile device manufacturers must be more-cognizant of Hispanic mobile banking security fears.”

Zpryme and ThinkNow Research administered a survey to a representative sample of 500 adult Hispanics between 18 and 70 years old in October of 2012. Respondents were asked about their overall usage of mobile banking, mobile banking activities, their primary and mobile banking satisfaction, and their interaction with social media sites of their primary bank. Questions were also asked about why respondents did not use mobile banking and why they did not have a primary bank (among those who did not use mobile banking or have a primary bank account).

Other survey findings of note:

  • Mobile banking usage on tablet or smartphone: tablet (47%), smartphone (69%)

  • Access mobile banking at least 1 time per day: iPad (45%), all other tablets (35%)

  • Primary bank Facebook interaction by gender: male (42%), female (29%)

  • Interaction with primary bank social media page over the past year: Facebook (44%), Google+ (21%), YouTube (17%), Twitter (15%), Pinterest (4%)

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