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Tulix Systems Now Offering Multi Featured IPTV Billing System

New application launch makes Tulix the total solutions provider in the IPTV Marketplace


Atlanta, GA December 5, 2012 – Tulix Systems, Inc. EVP, Dr. Nino Doijashvili today announced that the company is now offering a new IPTV Billing System to its long list of products and services aimed at the IPTV and content delivery market. Dr. Doijashvili said, “Our new IPTV Billing System makes it simple for our clients to manage and monetize their subscription programming. Add it to our streaming platforms and content delivery network and Tulix is now the only solutions provider they would need” she proudly proclaimed.

The Tulix Customer Care and IPTV billing system works for all content providers who offer their programming to their audience on a subscription basis. It also works seamlessly for content aggregators who are offering multiple channels, tiers and varied pricing based upon which package the subscriber chooses. It will easily work for content providers who offer access to their programming on PC, Mac, Multiple mobile devices and platforms and well as ROKU, Google TV, NEO TV and other IPTV systems.

“Our interface is sleek, clean, easy to use and totally customizable for our clients. It works with all payment methods and is easily controlled by an intuitive and administrative control panel. It can even generate a subscription code for IPTV device such as ROKU” Nino explained. “Also, the built in reporting functions makes it remarkably simple for the network to see just how well their programs are accepted by their audience.”

The Tulix IPTV Billing System joins a growing inventory of goods and services the company proudly offers to the streaming and content production industry.

Those include:
• UniStream™
• UniStream™ Plus
• UniStream™ Manage - Dashboard management of multiple streaming channels
• SatStream™ - Live satellite capture and encoding service
• Tulix VOD Platform and VOD Services
• Linear UniStream™ - Playlist management and Linear Stream Generator via web interface
• ROKU Linear Streaming Application Development with ROKU Live/Linear and VOD Streaming Services
• Google TV Streaming Application Development with Google TV Live/Linear and VOD Streaming Services
• Neo TV and other IPTV Channel Development and Live/Linear and VOD Streaming Services
• Smart TV Channel Development
• iPhone/iPad Live Streaming Application development and Live Streaming Services
• TimeShift DVR™ - Online DVR Application
• SatLIVE™ - Transcode MP4 to MPEG2 and send to Satellite.
• TransLIVE™ - Transcoding any format to all devices on the fly.
• Colocation, managed and unmanaged hosting
• Content Delivery Network services tuned for optimized delivery of Live, Linear and VOD content

“We are very excited about our new application because it enables our clients to completely service their audience through our platforms, services and applications. Now our clients can deliver their content to whatever screen and devise their viewers are using and can correctly charge them, thus monetizing their programming. All of this can be accomplished through a Tulix Systems platform or application. This enables us to say that we are truly a total solutions provider to our industry” Dr. Doijashvili concluded.

About Tulix Systems:

Tulix Systems, Inc. is a media streaming and CDN company that specializes in Live/True content delivery. Tulix began streaming content at the 1996 Atlanta Summer Olympics and hasn't stopped since. It is a premier partner for content producers, TV/Radio channels and businesses who distribute high quality video and audio content.

Tulix Systems has worked with such industry leaders as Time-Warner Roadrunner, MetroCast Cable, IDS Africa, Shalom Media and many others. Tulix delivers live, linear and on-demand media content to any device, any screen, and any platform: Roku, Smart TV, Google TV, Neo TV, iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone 8, and Social Media etc.

Tulix System’s next generation content delivery network offers streaming to Flash, Windows Media, Silverlight with ecommerce, subscription, pay-per-view along with essential services as: Digital Signage, Geo-Targeting, Video CMS (Content Management System) Automatic Playlist Generation, digital rights management (DRM), programming storage for prime time viewing in all territories, and all screen/device DVR applications. Perfectly geo positioned, from its Data Center in Atlanta, GA, for worldwide content distribution, Tulix prides itself, not just on technical expertise, but on the personalized, one on one service it gives to each one it's valued clients.
With an 18-year track record of providing diverse web and hosting solutions, Tulix delivers cost effective and future proof solutions to clients worldwide. Tulix can be reached at and 404-584-5075.

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