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Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 Zombie Cheats Revealed

Loads of people have been searching for black ops 2 cheats to use within the zombie mode. Now there is a website that offers the best tips and reveals them all to the public for the very first time.


Call of Duty is one of the highest rated games of all time. It is so great, that they created a second one for all the gamers out there that just couldn't get enough and wanted more. Just as in the first one, Zombies is a definite favorite part of the game. Zombies are one of the main reasons that many people play the game in the first place.

You can kill zombies for as long as you want to, there is no end to the killing.. Until you die yourself. This means that if you really want to make it to the later rounds of the games where the killing is insanely intense, you will need to do all that you can to stay alive.

Many of the rules from zombies one to zombies two have surely changed. It may be hard for you to adjust to the what is new, so you may need some help. There is no shame in that! If you are having some trouble staying alive and making it to greater rounds, you are going to need some helpful tips.

Rack Up Points Early- The sooner in the game that you earn points, the better off you will be later on. It is important to remember that the main goal of playing zombie mode is to survive! With the points you earn in the beginning, you will later be able to buy perks, weapons and open doors to new areas.

Quick Revive- This is probably one of the most important perks that you can buy for yourself. It is important to find the quick revive machine and purchase it right away. When you are playing all on your own, it will cost 500 points.

When you are playing with others online, it will cost you 1500 points. You want to be sure that when you die, you can be revived in a very short matter of time so that nobody else dies with you.

Mystery Box- Yes, the walls hold many guns and ammo for you to purchase but that doesn't mean that they are the best options for you. You can get some amazing guns using the mystery box! The guns on the walls don't offer as much power as some of the ones that you can get from the mystery box.

If you use the mystery box and you don't like what you get, try again. Chances are, after a few times you will get the gun that you want.

Pack-A-Punch- If you have a weapon that you truly love, you should save your points to upgrade it. You can upgrade any weapon with using the Pack-A-Punch machine.

You will need to do a bit of research to find where the Pack-A-Punch machine is. It is in a difficult spot to access in each zombie location, you and your partners may need to work together to find it.

Work With Your Team- Not doing this is one of the biggest mistakes that you can make when playing zombies. If you don't work with your team, it is likely that you are going to be left behind by them. You should talk to one another and work together to kill all of the zombies.

You shouldn't try to showboat and be a hero by worrying about who will get the most kills. If you die, you want to be sure that there will be players who will revive you and the other way around. You will surely need them when the zombies really start to come!

Black ops 2 has many more cheats that are hidden inside the game, but gamers must know how to find them. has revealed many of the prestige and ascension tricks.

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