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Enformatic Joins Surface Optics' Worldwide Reseller Network for Hyperspectral Imagers

Surface Optics Corporation (SOC) announced today a new distribution partnership with Enformatic Sp. z o.o. (Rzeszow, Poland) for hyperspectral camera and handheld reflectometer sales in the European Union.


San Diego, USA; Rzeszow, Poland – Surface Optics Corporation (SOC) announced today a new distribution partnership with Enformatic Sp. z o.o. of Rzeszow, Poland. SOC and Enformatic have been cooperating for over ten years in the realm of software development, with Enformatic supplying software solutions to operate many of SOC’s instruments. Today, both companies have taken the relationship to a new level with Enformatic becoming an distributor of Surface Optics’ hyperspectral cameras and handheld reflectometers in the EU, with the option to expand to other instruments in the future.

“With Enformatic located in Poland, in the heart of the European Union, it gives us a much needed presence on the continent, allowing SOC to serve customers in the west as well as the new emerging markets in central and eastern Europe”, says Leif Hendricks, Director of Instrumentation at Surface Optics. “Enformatic will be able to respond much faster to customer inquiries for product demos, instrument rentals and on-site/off-site measurement services.”

Surface Optics Corporation (SOC) offers a single engineering and manufacturing source for the characterization, control, and exploitation of the optical properties of surfaces. For over 35 years, Surface Optics has provided hemispherical and bidirectional reflectance measurement services, custom instrument engineering services, analytical software, reflectometers, hyperspectral and multispectral imagers, and surface coating products for a broad range of industry applications.

Founded in 2003, Enformatic is a custom IT solutions provider offering software design & development for customers in USA, Japan, and Europe as well as telecommunications and networking services for customers in Poland.

Enformatic helps its clients by developing solutions ranging from simple standalone applications to complex integrated systems utilizing various platforms and tools. Their solutions find applications in aerospace, defense, semiconductor, chemical and other industries.

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