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Sizzling New Adult Contemporary Romance Author AJ Harmon Releases "First Class Justice" the Sequel to "First Class to New York" & "First Class to Portland"

A never before published author, she has had over 31,000 downloads of her first two novels and has just released the highly anticipated third book in the series "First Class Justice"


AJ released her first book on Kindle in late November. This housewife and mother of two, who accepted a bet from a friend and is now taking the adult contemporary romance genre by storm. A never before published author, she has had over 31,000 downloads of her first two novels and has just released the highly anticipated third book in the series "First Class Justice"

Here are just a few of her over 100 reviews worldwide:

In love I absolutely loved this series. I could only hope there are many more to follow.... it made me cry, it made me smile… I did not expect to love this series as much as I did. MUST read
Cathy C – Amazon/Kindle

Loved it! …I can't seem to get enough of Janie and Matt, Katy, well everyone…
Danichica – Amazon/Kindle

First Class of Love! …If you love a good love story, then I would highly recommend … the series! psychstudent13 - Amazon/Kindle

A short excerpt for the book:
"What if he took my future?"
"He didn't just take away my security, my freedom for those thirty hours," Katy said. "What if he took my future too?"
"Your future?" Sarah asked.
"What if he also stole from me the man I could have been happy with? The man I've been searching for all these years?"
Katy, a head-turning gorgeous ER nurse, has spent her life watching her best friend live the romantic fairytale not once, but twice. She's had to fight and scrape for every ounce of happiness she has ever had, and must battle once again for her life and her dreams.

She wasn't sure she'd ever been truly happy. Did she even deserve love or happiness? She doubted it. Would it ever be her turn to fall in love? She didn't think so.
Katy had always enjoyed the fact that men found her physically attractive, but it always seemed to be the wrong men. "Does my Mr. Right even exist?" she'd wondered.

Just a week before her best friend Janie married her Mr. Right, Katy had everything taken from her, enduring what no woman should ever have to. Lured, kidnapped, and violated, her life and sense of wellbeing was destroyed in an instant.
Mark had rescued Katy from her captor, but could he now rescue her from the lurid memories that disturbed her every thought? He knew one thing, Katy deserved justice, and he would stand by her side until the criminal was rotting in prison… or hell. He would not let her face this tragedy alone.
Unwilling to spend the rest of her life as a victim, Katy fights the demons left to haunt her by the predator and searches for a way to reclaim even a sliver of hope and happiness.

‘First Class Justice' is the third book in the First Class Novel series by AJ Harmon, preceded by ‘First Class to New York' and ‘First Class to Portland.'

After reading a recent bestselling romance series, AJ remarked to one of her friends, "I bet I could do a better job of writing a book than that in my sleep," to which her friend replied, "Prove it!"

Undaunted by the size and scope of the challenge, AJ gave serious thought to what she enjoyed and disliked about the romance genre. "The characters began to take form in my mind. They became real people to me, with a story that had to be told."

And she is, telling the story that is. The First Class series is what happens when an everyday woman who has spent the last 28 years living her own love story undertakes a dream and makes it come true.

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