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Kingdom Lighting Promotes Its Recently Updated Collection of Spider Crystal Chandeliers

Kingdom Lighting, known for the deep discounts it offers on its entire inventory of light fixtures, is currently highlighting its spider crystal chandeliers.


Maria Theresa chandelier retailer Kingdom Lighting, available online at, is now introducing newly lowered prices on all its spider chandeliers. Obtainable for as much as 43% off the original list price, these pieces are edgy and unique with an understated elegance, making them well-suited for any room.

“At Kingdom Lighting, we believe that each of our customers deserves light fixtures that are beautiful, practical, and affordable. The pieces in our spider collection feature individualized chrome strands with bulbs and crystals attached to each strand. This unusual style doesn’t have the conventional crystal chandelier look, which makes it ideal for lighting up a room without appearing pretentious or overly formal. Plus, Kingdom Lighting is now offering the pieces in this collection at major discounts, making them accessible to those on a budget,” said Eliezer Mihaly, CEO of the Maria Theresa chandelier retailer.

One of the most popular newly discounted light fixtures is the spider crystal chandelier KL-41050-2222-C. This circular piece features 18 lights of ten watts each and measures 22” x 22”. Originally priced at $879.99, this chrome-plated chandelier is now available at 43% off for just $499.99.

A similar, but slightly larger, option is the KL-41050-2424-C. With 24 lights and measuring 24” x 24”, this spider crystal chandelier is ideal for bigger rooms. It features a multitude of 100% hand cut and polished crystals that refract the bulbs’ lights for a shimmering look that is modern and elegant. Currently available for just $599.99, the piece can now be purchased for 38% off the list price of $959.99.

Kingdom Lighting’s collection of spider crystal chandeliers also incorporates a number of sconces. These pieces are inexpensive and smaller, making them ideal for use on their own or as a complement to one of the larger items in the collection. The KL-41050-1014-C, for example, is available at 24% off for just $129.99 and features three lights. Measuring a mere 10” x 14” and extending only 7” from the wall, this piece is ideal for bathrooms, hallways, and other narrow spaces. It can also be used in ballrooms, foyers, or dining areas as an accessory to one of the larger items in the collection.

To view Kingdom Lighting’s newly expanded selection of discounted spider chandeliers, visit its website at The retailer can also be contacted via phone by dialing 877-654-6436 and it is active on numerous social media platforms, including Facebook at and Twitter at It maintains a blog about Maria Theresa crystal chandeliers and other pieces in its inventory at

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