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Thermo Essence Technologies Announces Availability of Cera Portable Vaporizer

Precision Manufacturing and Medical Grade Materials Ensure Safest E-Cigarette Alternative on the Market


SAN CARLOS, CA—JUNE 18, 2013—Thermo Essence Technologies (TET), a privately funded start-up that designs and manufactures e-cigarettes and portable vaporizers, announced today the availability of its 2nd generation vaporizer, the Cera. The Cera is the only portable electronic vaporizer on the market made with Zirconia—an FDA approved ceramic—and medical grade titanium components that guarantee the highest safety and purest delivery of botanicals. Each unit is designed, manufactured and hand-assembled in the USA.

“Our Mission at TET is to save lives by creating a safe and satisfying alternative to smoking,” says CEO Lawrence Duffin. “For the Cera, we used only the absolute highest standard of medical-grade materials and developed a unique convection core, which virtually eliminates the risk of carcinogens by guaranteeing non-combustion.”

Vaporization is scientifically proven to be a safe and effective way to extract the active components from plant material. TET sources, designs and manufactures the Cera in the USA, without the use of solder, glue, fiberglass, plastics, batteries or butane. TET devices are completely mechanical with no electrical circuitry and are back by a lifetime warranty. The Cera comes in both Stainless Steel [$250] and Titanium [$499] models, which can be purchased at select retailers and direct from the manufacturer at

About Thermo Essence Technologies
Thermo-Essence Technologies [TET] is founded on the single goal of helping people Never Smoke Again. TET is a small American company that uses the latest scientific research and medical literature to design, develop, patent, and build innovative, portable vaporizers, electronic cigarettes and E-liquids based on the three principles of: safety, reliability, and purity. Every product TET makes is designed, manufactured and hand assembled here in the USA. For more infoTrmation visit: or

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