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Piney Games Release iOS game "Mipsters"

With an element of the puzzle and strategy genres, Mipsters is a unique game which requires quick thinking, reflexes and agility.


Outline: Mipsters is a unique arcade-style game with playful graphics, fun story-line and addictive gameplay.

Story: The peaceful world of the fun-loving Mipster aliens is invaded by the evil Mipster Hunters who have taunted them for centuries. The Mipsters escape to space and use a series of portals to escape to another planet.

Gameplay: Delightfully simple, and yet highly addictive. The player simply uses their finger to guide each Mipster to the correctly coloured portal. The Mipsters can spawn onto the screen quickly, so good reflexes go a long way. As levels progress, various obstacles make this seemingly simple task more challenging. Obstacles include, space blocks, meteors, and Mipster Hunters.

Piney Games: A new company started by a U.K. scientist. Mipsters is the first game from the company. Versions: Mipsters has been released in the iOS App store on 3rd July and is free to download.

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