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UK Immigration Barristers Guide to Getting the Right Immigration Advice

As the number of UK immigration applications being rejected steadily starts to rise as a result of tighter controls, UK Immigration Barristers provides a guide to getting the right advice in order to increase the chances of a successful application.


A UK Immigration Barristers spokesperson comments: “The UK immigration system is not an exact science, there’s no formula to follow that will ‘guarantee’ that a visa application will be accepted. All applications are considered on merit and the evidence provided to support an application. That’s why it’s important to be prepared, with everything you need, to make your application as airtight as possible, giving it the best opportunity of success.”

The case for self-application

A high proportion of individuals opt to apply for a UK visa by completing the necessary paperwork unaided and without seeking advice.

This option is frequented as individuals identify it as a cost-saving measure. If an application proves to be successful then the monetary saving can be significant.

However, should a UK visa application come back rejected, costs can soon escalate because appealing a refusal decision or submitting a fresh application will incur additional charges. The most basic of errors on an application form can result in a refusal decision.

Did you know? The current, standard UK visa application form consists of 12 pages, formed of 11 parts, all of which must be completed correctly for your application to be given consideration. In addition you must supply all documents requested of you, in accordance with the UK visa type you’re applying for.

Get this wrong and your application could be delayed or denied, depending on the discretion of the decision-maker reviewing your case. With application rejections on the increase, can you afford to get it wrong?

The case for seeking advice

As immigration numbers in the UK rise there has been an increasing need for independent immigration services to be made available to the general public in order to offer advice concerning UK immigration matters.

That need is even more prominent in modern Britain as immigration laws become much more restrictive, with the aim of reducing immigrant numbers. Immigration advice is now highly sought after, particularly among families, overseas students and those seeking work in the UK.

The purpose of the immigration adviser is to:

• Educate the public when it comes to their UK immigration rights
• Offer assistance and guidance in completing UK visa application forms
• Clarify all the necessary documents needed to support an application
• Give applicants options and help them explore those options

In contrast to the self-application technique, relying on the services of a UK immigration solicitor, lawyer or barrister relieves an incredible amount of pressure. The support of a legal expert could be the difference between a successful or unsuccessful application.

A statement from UK Immigration Barristers said: “The immigration industry sector serves a sought after need, people who are seeking the correct advice regarding their immigration matter. UK immigration law can be a complex minefield, but the right advice and assistance can lead to a successful outcome at the first attempt.”

Obtaining the right advice

The ‘right advice’ differs depending on an individual’s circumstances, as alluded to previously; the UK immigration system is not an exact science. However, the UK Immigration Barristers template for providing assistance includes:

• A detailed review of your circumstances to establish your eligibility to apply
• Completion of your UK visa application form
• The services of a leading UK visa application specialist allocated from our team of Immigration Experts
• Gathering all your documents, ensuring that the information needed to support your application is correct, giving it the best possible chance of being accepted
• Organising a consultation appointment with a UK visa application expert
• Submission of your completed application form on your behalf
• Access to an online case management system
• 24/7 service – contact us via phone, e-mail or via your personal portal
• Fast-Track application service, depending on your circumstances
• Regular contact giving you all the latest updates regarding your application

All the services provided above are not offered by the Home Office, but while the cost implications of using an immigration service may be higher than self-application, the benefits outweigh the service provided by the Home Office.

Recent data released by the Office for National Statistics shows that 70% of all self-applications made for UK immigration are rejected due to errors or lack of documentation to support the application.

Through seeking the advice of an immigration expert, professionals who know the process and the key requirements for making a case as strong as possible, individuals are given the correct assistance to help avoid such errors. The case for immigration advice is that you’ll get the help you won’t receive from the Home Office.

Considering help with your UK immigration matter? Visit the official UK Immigration Barristers website – – Free initial case assessment, with no obligation to use our service.

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