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New Beltone First™ Hearing Aids, help Michigan and Ohio Residents Wirelessly Access Their iPhones®

Beltone Hearing Aid Centers, maker of hearing aids Michigan and Ohio residents have trusted for years, announce Beltone First, which acts like wireless headphones for your iPhone, iPad®, and iPod Touch®.


SOUTHGATE, MI, April 15, 2014 – Beltone Hearing Aid Centers have announced the launch of their newest model, the Beltone First™. With the launch of these state-of-the-art hearing aids, Michigan and Ohio residents, are looking forward to multiple new features. This new hearing aid acts like tiny wireless headphones to let you hear crisp, clear phone calls, music, and videos from your iPhone®, iPad®, or iPod Touch® device.

Those using Beltone First hearing aids will be able to customize their experience using a free app called HearPlus™. The app will actually remember the places you visit so when you return, your hearing aid will automatically adjust to your preferred settings. Other features of the new hearing aid model include CrossLink Directionality™, which helps you focus on conversations without losing background noise, Smart Gain Pro™ and Sound Cleaner Pro™, which remove extraneous background sound, and Feedback Eraser™ with WhistleStop™, so you no longer have to worry about a squealing noise when your hearing aid touches something.

“More and more of our seniors today are using technology such as iPhones and iPads,” said Daniel Fletcher, Owner of Beltone Hearing Aid Centers. “We wanted to give them a hearing aid that could integrate seamlessly with their devices, so they could enjoy talking to their grandchildren on the phone again. We’re proud of the new Beltone First model, and our customers agree that it’s one of the most revolutionary products to come out of this industry in years.”

To get these new hearing aids, Michigan and Ohio residents should make an appointment at one of our Beltone Hearing Aid Centers locations to talk to an expert. They will work with you to determine the best hearing aid model depending on your lifestyle, health history, and personal preferences. For more information about the Beltone First model, you can visit our website at To make an appointment with one of our experts, you can call 1-(888) 823-5866 or visit our headquarters at 13123 Eureka Road, Southgate, MI 48195.

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Beltone Hearing Aid Centers have been producing hearing aid devices for customers around the globe since 1940. They own and operate over 1,500 offices in North America. With complimentary hearing screening and a proprietary BelCare™ aftercare program for all customers, Beltone remains the most trusted brand for quality products and care among its patients and adults aged 50 and older.

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