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First 12-Step Program for Seniors Enhances Cognition

First 12-Step Program for Seniors to Enhance Cognitive Stability and Neuroplasticity Announced for MCI/Alzheimer’s Disease -- Can be implemented by fee-based professionals; or, free by the public


Portland, OR – Art In Portland Creative Aging & Cognitive Arts Research Institute (CACARI) has announced the first Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) and Early-to-Mid-Stage Alzheimer's Disease 12-Step Cognitive Arts Program for Seniors to naturally help maintain and/or enhance their cognitive stability and neuroplasticity. The program can be implemented expensively by fee-based professionals; or, by the public like other 12-step programs at no cost. Art In Portland assembled and advocates the Senior Cognitive Arts 12-Step Program:

The program increases healthy neuroplasticity and feelings of well-being, autonomy and improved quality of life. “Over twenty years, as caregivers charting activities of daily living (ADL's) we’ve observed improved cognitive functioning, such as memory enhancement, in some seniors with Alzheimer’s Disease…” says Linnea Bowman, a director of Art In Portland, “ involving seniors in visual art education programs taught by health caregivers with advanced degrees who are also visual artists, ‘creative types’ and special education teachers.”

The Art In Portland 12-Step Program is similar to the clinically tested and scientifically verified TTAP Method in use internationally to help focus, maintain, restore and grow cognitive abilities …but, is expanded by Art In Portland to include several innovative approaches, including extra-sensory (remote), spiritual and prayer healing (as do other 12-Step programs), and several innovative therapies for seniors, including: creative aging, cognitive arts, expressive arts, nutrition, motor skills, and aging & disability …in applications, including: Cognitive Arts Therapy; Aging & Disability Therapy -- this is the first program of its kind; Aging Thru Art -- this is the first program of its kind; Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) -- this is the first time this is being required for cognitive therapists for seniors; Special Education Therapy -- first time (other than Aging Thru Art) this background is implemented for seniors; Young Again 12-Step Program -- this is the first program of its kind; Art Therapy; Gerontology Therapy; Motor Skills Therapy; Music, Hearing & Dance Therapy -- this is the first program of its kind; Nutrition, Taste & Aroma Therapy -- this is the first program of its kind; Creative Aging Therapy; and Expressive Arts Therapy.

In addition to addressing senior cognition, planned clinical tests for therapeutics also address a host of dysfunctions, including: Depression; Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD); Oppositional Defiant Disorder; Dyslexia; Aphasia; Anxiety Disorder; Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD); Parkinson's Disease; Stroke (motor function); Hearing Loss; Stroke (sensory function); Alzheimer's Disease; Multiple Sclerosis (memory function); and, Expressive Aphasia … in the following test groups: normal, healthy seniors (test group; Seniors who are depressed or clinically depressed, &/or with other psychological disorders; Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI); Early-to-midstage Alzheimer’s Disease; and subcategories of clinical research, including dementia subtypes: Alzheimer's Disease (AD); Vascular Dementia (VaD); Dementia with Lewy Bodies; Frontotemporal Dementia; Cortical Dementia; Subcortical Dementia; Progressive Dementia; Primary Dementia; and Secondary Dementia.

The focus of Art In Portland is senior cognitive improvement in Metropolitan Portland Oregon, including Vancouver Washington, combining Art Education, addressing Multiple Intelligences, and adding the Cognitive Arts 12-Step Program. Art Education refers to John Dewey's work on transformation of the individual and society thru the practice of art; combined with John Gardner’s work on multiple intelligences that different people have twelve different cognitive strengths and weakness individually centralized in different cognitive processing areas of the brain.

Art in Portland, an Oregon nonprofit corporation was founded in 2013 by senior Portland artists, caregivers and special-education teachers to be an art destination including an art museum, performing arts center and classrooms for caregivers to take seniors to be taught art by artists and ‘creative types’ (many are caregivers) for purposes of senior cognitive maintenance and improvement ...and, also provides food and art supplies to starving artists and their cats. The Starving Artists food program is sponsored by Portland Police Bureau Sunshine Division food and clothing relief . Founding food donor is Trader Joe's

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