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The Kingdom Of Good, The 1st Official American Monarchy for the 21st Century!

The Kingdom Of Good, The 1st Official American Monarchy for the 21st Century!The time is right and the timing is perfect, America will soon have an “Official” Monarchy...


The American Dream Is Still Alive and Well....The Kingdom Of Good....Redefining 21st Century Royalty...One Good Deed at a Time!

Kingdom Of Good, The Birth of the 1st “Official” American Monarchy!

KOG, USA, 15, March 2015 – The time is right and the timing is perfect, America will soon have an “Official” Monarchy...and it couldn't have happened at a better time, for both America and for the world!

Why now and why not before now....Both questions can be answered and summed up as follows: There are many types of Monarchies (past and present),(Absolute,Constitutional, Diarchy, Elective, Emirate, Ethnarch, Federal, Hereditary, Non-sovereign, Popular, Regency, Tetrarch, Universal), but until now, none really fit what makes America the greatest nation in the world, nor would be universally accepted and embraced by the majority of Americans....”

America, a nation of immigrants and rights, a nation that embodies the true spirit of independence, giving, helping, fairness, 2nd chances and entrepreneurial, is for the people and of the people...and truly believes that ones’ place in society, as well as their place in life, should be earned and not given”. The new category of Monarchies for the 21st Century “EARNED”!

The mere thought of being ruled by a single family or entity based upon bloodlines, prestige, connections or influence, is just not something that the vast majority of Americans, would ever accept or recognize as legitimate!

The Kingdom Of Good, and its’ concept, is unlike any Monarchy that has ever existed, and it is well positioned to set the gold standard for all future Monarchies of the has to be earned by a nation and it’s people! The Kingdom Of Good is based upon the collective generational good of a nation and its’ people, that has been time tested and proven to be a true and accurate representation of an entire nation and its’ people!

Why does America need a Monarchy? In a word….”TIMING”!

America is the most powerful nation in the world, the world leader in practically every important social-economic index and indicator of success and leadership. Besides being the most powerful military power in the world, America is also the richest (the combined net worth of the 400 richest Americans’ is in excess of $2 trillion USD), most charitable most giving nation in the world as well. “The United States is the world’s most generous nation, according to a global index of giving, as a higher proportion of Americans helped a stranger than any other country in the world.

The 2013 World Giving Index – published annually by international nonprofit organization Charities Aid Foundation – looks at three measures: monetary giving, volunteering and helping of strangers in a typical month. The survey, recently published in October 2014, was carried out in 2012 across 135 countries.” To add further credibility to support the fact that America is the most giving and helping nation is the world, October 25, 2014 marked the celebration of “make a difference day” in America. Started in 1992, millions of people and thousands of companies, groups, schools, churches and organizations, took part in the world’s largest day of volunteerism!

Having a Monarchy, would provide the United States with the final piece to cement it’s rightful and most deserved place as the greatest nation of the 20th/21st century; and arguably the greatest nation the world has ever known!

What makes the KOG different than and unique from all other country Monarchy’s? The KOG is based solely upon merit and good deeds, not aristocratic bloodlines, wealth, connections, favors or. This includes the King & Queen and the KOG Royal family and court. Any and everyone associated with the KOG must lead by example. While the KOG acknowledges that no one is perfect, and to err is human, everyone can do their very best to be Good, and to make amends when they are not!

Is the KOG just for America and American citizens? Absolutely not……Although The Kingdom Of Good will start in America, evil and bad deeds are present throughout the world, therefore there is also a need for Good and Good deeds to also be present and stronger in every corner of the world!

In today’s interconnected, globalized world of the 21st century that we live in, bad deeds and evil started in one part of the world, can easily and effectively affect and infect the lives of billions of people across the globe in minutes! Our mission and plan is to offer chapters to any country that wishes to apply for a chapter and to offer citizenship in the Kingdom Of Good to any individual, group, organization, company etc. that can meet our membership qualifications and abide our bylaws and guidelines.

What benefits to and for society does the KOG bring to the table? There are numerous benefits to The Kingdom Of Good, but the main benefit of The Kingdom Of Good, is to provide today’s 21st century youth (All Youth), no matter who they are…how far….or where they are), with positive, realistic, viable and rewarding alternatives, to say yes to, believe in, be part of, and relate to when confronted by the negative lures and influences that they face practically every day of their highly impressionable young lives.

How are kids involved in the KOG structure? The Kingdom Of Good has developed 2 innovative 21st century youth education, empowerment and career and life skills development programs. For Boys the program is called the K.I.N.G. project. K.I.N.G. is an acronym for (Knowledge & Information is Noble and Golden), and for girls it is called the Q.U.E.E.N. project, AND Q.U.E.E.N. is an acronym for (Qualified-Unbroken-Educated-Empowered & Needed). Additional information re these innovative programs are available upon formal request.

The Kingdom Of Good (KOG), what is it all about? “The Kingdom of Good”, by name alone, speaks volumes all by itself! “The Kingdom Of Good” is all about the collective good of a nation, it’s individuals, its businesses, it’s groups and organizations, it’s values-ethics-morals-etc. The Kingdom Of Good starts from within, and spreads to those around each individual that decides to do good. The Kingdom Of Good is about controlling one’s own personal realm, taking personal ownership and personal responsibility for one’s actions.

The bottom line, no matter how great a Nation is, even the United States, if the very core foundation is not constantly fertilized-watered-replanted with fresh, strong seedlings as needed-cared for-closely monitored-and nurtured……in this case, the children of a country; even the greatest nation or Kingdom will fall! Teaching and instilling in kids while they are still young and receptive, chivalry-honor-respect (for both themselves as well as the rights of others), personal responsibility, and dignity, are the cornerstones that our KOG project shall be built upon!


When looking for the most stable- sturdy and rock solid foundation to build the Kingdom Of Good upon, the founders of the KOG had to look no further than the 5-Pillars of MuayThai! Respect-Honor- Tradition-Fairplay and Excellence.

These powerful core principals, not only speaks volumes about the sport of MuayThai in and of itself, but are also the perfect foundation building blocks for today’s 21st century youth to firmly embrace, emulate and grow from throughout their lives.

Please be advised that the Kingdom Of Good has finalized a partnership with the 128 country World MuayThai Council. Any questions, please feel free to contact Mr. Stephan Fox, Vice-President of International Operations and Global Partnerships:

What are the key highlights of the KOG?

1) Restore and instill within the youth of America, the foundation of respect (personally and for the rights of others), personal responsibility, honor, dignity and chivalry.

2) Provide America and all American’s with a sense of personal and country pride that doing good, being good and setting good examples for the rest of the world to follow, can and will provide the catalyst for change that the world desperately needs right now to combat the forces of evil, that are far too prevalent in the world today!

3) Make doing good the “new cool” rewarding thing to do, “just because”!

4) Today’s high tech driven, savvy youth, are unlike any before them, but the need for some things to ensure the success and socioeconomic stability and prosperity of any society, will never change… such as chivalry-honor-respect (for both themselves as well as to and the rights of others), personal responsibility, and dignity will never go out of style or not be needed! 21st century approaches are needed to first reach and then teach today’s youth, our K.I.N.G. & Q.U.E.E.N. programs have been designed to provide today’s youth with a cool rewarding way to do good.

5) The good that American’s do both at home as well as abroad, will finally be recognized and acknowledged.

6) The KOG will help foster and promote cultural exchanges throughout the world between cultures-religions-genders-lifestyles-creeds and colors.

7) Most foreigners truly believe that America doesn't have a cultural identity, nothing could be further from reality or the truth….The KOG will tremendously help to show the world what “American Culture” is really is, and what it is all about!

8) The KOG will bring together all races-colors-genders-lifestyles-colors and nationalities within the United States to unite behind one a-political, non-religious universally accepted single cause, one single “national” symbol of pride and accomplishment that all American’s can have part ownership in!

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