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DYLN – The Bottle that Creates Alkaline Water on the Go

Living Alkaline Water Bottle Exceeds Crowdfunding Goal by $56,000


Costa Mesa, CA – When Dorian Ayers and the DYLN team launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter he had hopes of reaching his goal of $30,000 but no idea he would exceed it by $56,000. With such remarkable success many will enjoy the DYLN Living Alkaline Water Bottle, a bottle that produces its own alkaline water from any water source. A phenomenal way to simultaneously receive the health benefits of alkaline water, save money, and time; and the environment from the billions of plastic water bottles filling up landfills.

“Now there is an affordable, sustainable, and fashionable way to make, transport, and drink Alkaline Water - whenever, wherever. The DYLN Living Water Bottle combines good looks and functionality to not only replace all other water bottles, but to be the source for water,” says Dorian Ayers, CEO of DYLN. The bottle has a VitaBead diffuser which is securely inserted into its base on the bottom of the bottle. The VitaBeads secured within the Diffuser are specially formulated to interact with the water within the bottle to increase the pH to create and maintain alkaline water. They will also reduce the water's Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) to a negative level. With an included tool piece, the Diffuser can be easily removed for cleaning or replaced after the recommended 400 refill lifespan, which is based off of the 750mL capacity of the bottle. Once the bottle has been filled with water, the VitaBeads instantly start alkalizing the water. The VitaBeads are formulated to increase the pH of water to an optimal level of 9 to 9.5pH. The pH will increase over time then stabilize. The biggest increase typically happens within the first 30 minutes.

Alkaline water has substantial health benefits. Alkalinity promotes and maintains optimal health in the body, while acidity has a negative impact. While some acidity is natural and necessary, many people suffer from leaning too acidic, which is a far too common result of our modern diet from acidic foods and beverages. When acidic, bodies compensate through natural buffers, which kick in to maintain the necessary alkalinity in the body. Over time this compensation can lead to unintended consequences, such as weaker bones and muscles or even disease. Alkaline water offers a convenient and safe way to bring our bodies back into balance and achieve optimal hydration.
The crowdfunding campaign raised a total of $86,791 and orders are still pouring in on the website. The stylish bottles are available with different color sleeves.

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DYLN Offers innovative products that enliven the body, we make it easy to experience the energy of nature. For the yoga and wellness enthusiast, the athlete, and the health-conscious, each item is designed to cultivate your healthiest potential. More information is available on the website

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