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ALSP, Inc., Licenses a New Class of Drugs for Use in the Treatment of Neurodegenerative Disease

ALSP, Inc., a Privately Held Company Licenses a New Class of Drugs for Use in the Treatment of Neurodegenerative Disease, Developed by Researchers from Columbia University and the University of Illinois at Chicago


San Diego, February 2, (PRUrgent) – ALSP, Inc., a start-up pharmaceutical company focused initially on Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and traumatic brain injury (TBI) while expecting a broader application eventually to other neurodegenerative conditions, announced today that it has signed a license agreement with Columbia University to develop a series of proprietary compounds that are related to its lead clinical drug candidate, ALP-496, in the field of neurodegenerative disease. The compounds were identified by a team of investigators led by Dr. Ottavio Arancio, Associate Professor of Pathology and Cell Biology at Columbia University, and Dr. Gregory Thatcher, the Hans Valteich Chair of Medicinal Chemistry , College of Pharmacy, and Director of UICentre (drug discovery UIC) at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

“We have followed Dr. Arancio’s pioneering work for many years” said Michael D. Pierschbacher, Ph.D., President and CEO of ALSP. “We believe that these well-characterized compounds and the know how associated with them will significantly complement and expand our ability to develop this class of compounds in this field.”

ALSP has an expressed, ongoing interest in identifying and acquiring technology that is complementary to its program.

Dr. Greg Hook, ALSP’s chief scientific officer noted that “Beyond expanding our reach in the field, the addition of these compounds to our arsenal will also greatly strengthen our hand with government and private granting agencies, enhancing our ability to access strategic non-dilutive financing to help support the development of this new class of compounds.”

About ALSP, Inc.

ALSP, Inc. (American Life Science Pharmaceuticals, Inc.) is a privately held company based in San Diego, California, focused on developing a new class of small molecule drugs for treating Neurodegenerative disease. ALSP’s strategy to combat the ravages of neurodegenerative disease is to deploy its proprietary class of compounds to inhibit papain-like cysteine proteases. The Company’s initial focus on Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and traumatic brain injury (TBI) is increasingly supported by mounting evidence that two of these cysteine proteases in particular, cathepsin B and calpain-1, when inappropriately expressed, as is the case in both AD and TBI, come together to create a dangerous intersection at which inflammatory, apoptotic, and necrotic pathways are activated. ALSP believes these pathways constitute the underlying pathology of neurodegeneration. The Company believes that its proprietary lead drug candidate, ALP-496, which is currently being prepared for entry into clinical trials, is disease altering, in stark contrast to the drugs currently on the market for treating these diseases. The technology, which was spun out of the University of California, San Diego, has been developed from idea to drug with extensive funding from government grants and contracts and grants from the Alzheimer’s Drug Development Foundation and the Alzheimer’s Disease Cooperative Study group. This has involved repeated reviews and validation at the highest levels of rigor and has attracted a world-class team of seasoned industry professionals to be brought to bear on the development of this approach. In addition, the Company is seeking licensing opportunities that would expand or support our technology base and exploring expanded indications for this class of compounds.

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