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Danish designed wooden pets try their luck at kickstarter

The new design company fromHELENA ApS has created a series of small wooden pets, which can be ordered on kickstarter until the end of April.


The new design company fromHELENA ApS has created a series of small wooden pets, which can be ordered on kickstarter until the end of April.

When you are a small, newly established design company among all the big fish, it is not easy either to raise capital for development and production, or be seen in the crowd of design products. Helena From, who has started the design company fromHELENA, has chosen a different strategy, - a crowdfunding site. During April you can enter her project page and buy your own little wooden dog or cat and support her project and dream of bringing these WOODEN PETS to life.

Kickstarter and crowdfunding are relatively new phenomena in Denmark, but very popular in countries like Britain and the United States. Helena still hopes that she can reach the Danes and make the project visible in the rest of the world as well. In short, crowdfunding means that your network raises money for your idea. With crowdfunding you can get in touch with customers and get orders from people before you start a big production, which is really smart for small businesses like fromHELENA. In many crowdfunding projects you "pre-order" a product at a specified price – in the case of fromHELENA’s project a wooden pet. By doing so, small business without a large capital can raise money to start a production without running a big risk.

fromHELENA has designed a series of small wooden dogs and cats that fits well with the trend you see on the design shelves today . The pet design is rooted in love for the Danish design traditions, nature, animals and craftsmanship, making the dog a celebration of creativity and expression. This little pet represents an appreciation of playfulness at all stages of life. It could be a perfect gift for the playful soul or just someone who needs cheering up.

”The idea of creating these little wooden pets came to my mind when I first got my own puppy – a cute little French bulldog, Fiona. She has so much character and charm. She can brighten up even the worst days. She is my best friend, my happy face and my little companion. I wanted to create a memory of her I could keep with me for the rest of my life and a product that could spread joy in other people’s homes as well.
” – Helena From, Industrial designer and owner of fromHELENA ApS

The wooden animals are turned on a lathe in the material oak, which gives the product a beautiful and expressive appearance. Then Helena From uses leather and furniture studs to give the wooden figures the right expression. The series consists of a French bulldog, a Pug and a Cat. All three are available in either light or dark (smoked) oak

If you are one of the first 50 "backers" you can get the little wooden pet for 250 DKK (≈ $ 36.5). Furthermore you have the option of selecting some limited editions, where you get the products numbered and signed by the designer.

If Helena From reaches her target of 100,000 DKK, she will be able to realize her dream of getting these cute little WOODEN PETS on the market. And who would not like a small puppy or kitten that is easy to take care of?

The project on KICKSTARTER is available here. This is also the page where you can ”pre-order” your WOODEN PETS.

Product pictures in high resolution can be downloaded


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