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Doomsday Clock - 3 Minutes Remaining

Ban nuclear weapons ban WMD now


Onalaska, Washington – The top thinkers in the world have set the “Doomsday Clock” at three minutes before midnight. So what does that mean? It means they believe that the world is VERY close to self-destruction. Just three minutes away from midnight – the clock is ticking – and midnight brings the apocalypse.

“We seem to have forgotten that nuclear weapons are still out there. They really do exist and they can most definitely destroy the entire planet. And all it will take is one mistake, or one crazed politician, or even one overzealous religious fanatic to make it happen” says Vashek Mohr, Founder of Ban WMD, which seeks to have all nuclear weapons banned worldwide.

“A major nuclear exchange would render this planet completely uninhabitable for thousands, if not millions, of years. It would kill billions of people. The sheer horror of it is beyond imagination.” Mohr added. “We should not have to live with the fear of nuclear destruction any longer. A ban on nuclear weapons should be our #1 priority. Let’s do this before the wrong person puts their finger on THE button.”

“And let’s be honest – the zealots and warmongers are already out there. They espouse political and religious dogma that calls for war.” Mohr continued. “What’s even worse is that some of them are eagerly waiting for an apocalypse to happen so that it fulfills their “prophecy”. The risk there is that if they gain power, and some are very close, they will control these nuclear weapons and actually try to make certain apocalyptic prophecies become realities.”

“And let’s not forget North Korea who is said to have nuclear capable missiles that can now reach the United States.” Mohr stressed. “And look at what’s happening in the Middle East. It appears that everyone there wants to own nuclear weapons. Estimates indicate that Israel has between 60 and 400 nukes. Russia and the USA own over 15,000 between them and Russia sides with Iran who, in turn, hates Israel and the USA. Then there is Pakistan and India who have over 100 nukes (each) and they are not the best of neighbors. Any one of these powder kegs could explode at any time.” Mohr concluded.

The Doomsday Clock is now set at three minutes to midnight. That is the second closest to imminent destruction that it’s ever been. The closest was two minutes to midnight in 1953. That was when the Hydrogen bomb was introduced. That’s when we went from only being able to mess up the planet, to being able to completely destroy it.

The world’s top thinkers believe we are VERY close to a nuclear holocaust. There is ONLY one definitive solution to make sure it never happens. We must eliminate all nuclear weapons and then totally ban them forever. Ban WMD’s website ( contains information, as well as petitions, seeking to do just that. They currently have a petition into the US Government which you can see, and sign, at:

“We really need the signatures! Signing the petition takes just a few seconds and it will definitely help.” Mohr added. “I would love to see this ban enacted before I die and will do everything that I can to make it happen.”

About Vashek Mohr:

Vashek Mohr is a 62 year old semi retiree. Background includes Wall Street and then business owner/entrepreneur. Degree in Business Administration.

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