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The World Yacht Group Opens for Business

The Florida Publishing and Entertainment company launched its new website on April 15, 2015


The World Yacht Group, a collaboration between Robert MacKinnon, Chairman of the MacKinnon Investment Group, LLC, and Ronald McDonald, Chairman of the McDonald Hospitality Group, Inc. launched its newest website on April 15th. The World Yacht Group’s mission is to build a comprehensive worldwide network of interactive publishing and entertainment venues focusing on yachting websites, online publications, reality TV series, how-to programming and networking platforms for the yachting and boating industry.

“We are very excited about the launch of The World Yacht Group,” says Ronald McDonald, Publisher and Co-Chairman of The World Yacht Group. “We just launched our new corporate website and we’re already on the fast-track to expanding our network through many new and established yachting industry connections and collaborators that will help The World Yacht Group become an industry powerhouse.”

The World Yacht Group is built around relevant and coveted domains owned by the McDonald Hospitality Group that are related to yachts, yachting, antique yachts, sailing yachts, trawlers and more. As The World Yacht Group’s network of connections and collaborators continues to expand, monthly online publications, eBooks, how-to videos and TV series will be developed through these valuable partnerships. The group has already secured the services of Mariano Turrisi of Milan, Italy to build the European side of the business. Mr. Turrisi was the developer and publisher of “Made in Italy,” a high-end magazine featuring Italian designer brands.

Mr. MacKinnon and Mr. McDonald are both avid yachtsmen who recognized a need for more interactive access to information and entertainment for yachting experts, enthusiasts and owners.

About The World Yacht Group

The World Yacht Group, Inc. is a Florida entertainment corporation developed as a joint venture project of MacKinnon Investment Group, LLC. and its Chairman, Robert MacKinnon; and McDonald Hospitality Group, Inc. and its Chairman, Ronald McDonald. Executive Producer Robert and Publisher Ronald are two friends who have a passion for educating and exploring. Mr. MacKinnon is a practicing attorney and an accomplished businessman who has been involved in many successful business enterprises, and Mr. McDonald is a well-known author and entrepreneur who was mentored by his famous relatives the McDonald’s family, who are the founders of the world’s most successful chain of fast-food restaurants and franchises.

Visit The World Yacht Group’s website at:

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