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Super PAC ‘Americans for a Democratic Majority’ Launches Fundraising Effort

Independent committee looks to raise $20 million dollars to campaign for Democratic candidates and against Republicans in 2016


WASHINGTON, DC, February 22, 2015 – In an effort to compete on a level playing field with Republicans, Democratic Super PAC ‘Americans for a Democratic Majority’ ( today launched its 2016 fundraising campaign. The organization aims to raise $20 million dollars from corporations, unions, associations, and individuals to help Democrats retain The Presidency, and take back control of The House of Representatives and/or The Senate.

Super Pac’s will greatly influence 2016 elections

“Many people are predicting that close to $1 billion dollars will be raised by Super PAC’s and other committees, and spent on the 2016 presidential and congressional races,” said Rey Thomas, Executive Director of Americans for a Democratic Majority. “One thing we know is that Republicans have never been shy about fiercely attacking Democrats with unlimited dollars. That is why along with supporting Democratic candidates, Americans for a Democratic Majority will not be reluctant to target and spend our dollars to go on the offensive against Republican presidential and congressional candidates. Frankly, we will be extremely aggressive and truthful in fully exposing those Republicans that are on our list to be defeated.”

Democrats can’t afford to be complacent

Thomas points to the fact that with Republicans in control of Congress, a two-term Democratic President on his way out of office, and a conservative-leaning Supreme Court in place, it’s imperative that Democrats, Liberals, and Progressives realize that a weak showing in 2016 could reverse all the progress that the country has made over the last thirty years.

“This election is critical for Democrats, and we have to be willing to fight hard for the things we believe in,” said Thomas. “For the last eight years, Republicans have been nothing but obstructionists when it’s come to moving forward on just about every issue, including the economy, climate change, health care, immigration reform, marriage equality, voting rights, gun control, education, science & technology, and national security. This is not the time for Democrats to think that we can take this election off and everything will be okay. Now is the time to fight harder than ever.”

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