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New Free Dating App Matchmallows Uses Breakthrough Model

New Free Dating App Matchmallows Uses Breakthrough Model To Discover Personality and Display Nearby Matches


Beirut, Lebanon - This week, app designers announced the release of Matchmallows, a new dating app that geo-locates individuals and shows their match compatibility by percentage. The app is available for free download on iPhone ( & Android ( with information at

Matchmallows brings together the best of popular dating app Tinder with its cool interface and the famous profiling success of the accurate scientific engine behind

When users first use Matchmallows, it asks them 27 interactive questions. This is used to compare their passion, personality, and lifestyle with those of other Matchmallows users in the geographical area. Interactive questions were accurately created by a group of psychology experts based on top personality trait models.

"You search for a date and the app displays the most likely candidates along with a compatibility score for each. That can be a real conversation starter when you contact your favorite," said Jad Arida, PR Director at Matchmallows.

Matchmallows was named as a play on sweet treats marshmallows. Company officials muse the app can help create a sweet match via Android or iPhone dating.

The app lets users search for male, female, or both. There is also a 100% comparability search feature.

The initial 27 questions are presented in the form of four pictures and one question. They pertain to the three main categories of personality, passion, and lifestyle.

"When you think about it, a person with a personality, passion, and lifestyle similar to yours will be an enjoyable person to be with, one you might want a long term relationship with," Arida said.

Matchmallows uses a highly advanced engine to quickly mine the personality traits from answers to image-based questions. Then it studies correlation between different answers to refine results. Finally it displays those in the user's geographic area along with accurate compatibility percentages.

The app uses an attractive, easy-to-use interface that makes it fun and socially rewarding. Users can put it to use and have results within seconds. Favorite profiles can be messaged all within Matchmallows to arrange a date or meeting.

Geo-location dating apps have been around for several years, but Matchmallows has brought a major innovation by calculating compatibly in an easy to access and understand percentage, without having to take long endless questionnaires.

"It's amazing when you message another Matchmallows user and say you've got the highest percentage. Immediately that person is interested in getting to know you," Arida said.

Users are finding new and alternative uses for the app. Some use it to check Facebook matches between friends. Others are using Matchmallows to meet new friends when traveling.

To broaden Matchmallows' appeal, the app comes in English, French, and Arabic. "It would be interesting to travel the world with Matchmallows to find that perfect person, the one with 100% compatibility. I'm sure it's happening right now," Arida said.

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