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Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval signed an executive order requiring water audits of all state-owned facilities.


RENO, NV – April 22, 2015 – On April 8, 2015 Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval signed an executive order requiring water audits of all state-owned facilities. The move is part of a strategy to combat severe drought conditions in the state. The order also creates a so-called Nevada Drought Forum to study other areas of water conservation opportunities. What wasn’t mentioned in the governor’s statement is what such measures could mean to the state’s budget.

“A comprehensive water audit can result in saving a facility millions of gallons of water. An important by-product of that is lower utility and sewer expenses,” said Lauren Sellyei, President of ConservCo, a Reno, Nevada based water conservation consultant that has been providing comprehensive water audits services to clients throughout the United States and abroad since 2008. “When you reduce the amount of water coming into a building, you reduce the amount that needs to be heated, and that lowers your energy bill. And, since less water is leaving the building and going into the sewer, that expense gets reduced as well,” added Sellyei. ConservCo should know. Its client list includes hotels and resorts such as the St. Francis Hotel in San Francisco, the Four Seasons Resort in Nevis and General Electric’s Corporate Leadership Center in Crotonville, Connecticut.

Sellyei also suggests that the State will find greater water savings if it adds landscape irrigation audits to its inspection regime as it is likely that more water is used keeping the state’s lawns green than is consumed by the buildings they surround. Improving a facility’s irrigation system can go a very long way to saving enormous amounts of water. ConservCo has published a list of easy water saving ideas on its website at
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