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Economists say DFRF is a smart business

After a series of rumors and allegations, DFRF Enterprises won the endorsement of economists, in respect to its business model.


DFRF Enterprises was accused, earlier this year, of operating as a multilevel marketing scheme. After further scrutiny by the State of Massachusetts the accusations have been deemed slanderous and completely unfounded.

Allegations which produced an action in the Superior Court in Middlesex were addressed by the CEO of the corporation, Daniel Filho. Daniel put accusations that the company was a pyramid scheme to rest by revealing holdings which proved, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the company did not require an influx of investor capital to remain viable.

"We own gold production in Africa and South America and we do not grow our business with outside money," Daniel Filho stated.

Already financially sound and gaining momentum, the company has over 50 offices spread across five continents and follows a business model that, after further scrutiny, expert economists call, “smart.” All of the investments into DFRF Enterprises are
backed by a Swiss Bank and an large insurance firm.

"They have a stable product and, therefore, there is no sign of a multilevel marketing scheme operated by DFRF," said a professor of economics at the Universidade Federal Fluminense, Lincoln Farias.

In addition to the insurer and the bank, DFRF holds a contract with Visa cards that allows its members quick access to their money.

"We function through the cultivation and use of our own resources and and therefore can continue operating normally, without the help of outside resources," said Daniel Filho.

He said his company, “makes money and allows people who invest to not only experience financial gains but also practice humanitarian aid.” Daniel Filho pointed out that 25% of the total investment into DFRF is infused into a charitable foundation that works directly in Mali, Africa.

Mali's ambassador to Brazil, Cheikna Keita, confirmed the investment of DFRF Enterprises into charitable endeavors throughout the region, sighting social and educational improvements. He stated that the agreement allows DFRF to conduct gold and mineral exploration and in return DFRF will invest in the education of the children in the region and will work to increase foreign relationships and foreign trade.

"Our country needed to grow in the international framework. We have social needs and we saw the opportunity, in this agreement, to meet those needs and, at the same time, benefit from Daniel Filho’s international trade experience," said the ambassador, Cheikna Keita. "Our children will have a more dignified future with this alliance between our country and DFRF Enterprises," he added.

The wave of rumors was generated by a report in the Metro West Daily News that showed a lawsuit filed by the Framingham lawyer, Evans J. Carter in Middlesex Superior Court last month. Carter claimed that two clients of his office would have invested $80 thousand and $100 thousand each in DFRF, with the promise of a return of 15 percent on their investment.

Daniel Filho ensures that the two people named in the suit never invested in DFRF Enterprises.

"We do not know them and heard their names, for the first time, when the newspaper published the article. These accusations are unfounded and therefore did not destabilize our company in any way. Still, it was important to act fast to prove that we are not a multilevel marketing company and, now, it is up to them to prove us wrong," The CEO said. He added, "This is a challenge that I issue to them and to anyone else. We have a lawful, honest and clear business for everyone involved.”

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