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VideoTherapy on BioMed IATI 2015

Out of BioMed IATI 2015 exhibition, Tel aviv: 4 startups out of 144 new companies in the health & physical motion sector:


Rehabilitation market and physical therapy are two of the most significant and best-developed, because more and more people need physical therapy, mainly due to the aging population. Rehabilitation activities including physical therapy was shown to help in many diseases, and improves the condition of patients in many ways.

Physiotherapy includes sessions with the physiotherapist, physiotherapy treatments salons, and independently exercises at home, when the therapist periodically supervises the progress of the patient. Such therapies problem is that patients often do not persist in the practice of the home, and therefore the ability of the handler to follow them in their home and adapt their treatment plans remotely on the basis of their performance is not simple.

This objective seeks Israeli startup Video Therapy achieve. Through a platform that allows the therapist to determine a treatment plan and patient follow its through exercises that he expects and performs in, you can significantly increase the capabilities of the handler. Activities and feedback from patients allow caregivers to assess the performance of the patients and to repair and improve treatment programs.

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