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Variety Reports “10 Days In A Madhouse - The Nellie Bly Story” Top Trending On Web

As The Cannes Film Festival comes to a close, Variety reports on May 21st, 2015, 10 Days In A Madhouse - The Nellie Bly Story starring Caroline Barry, Christopher Lambert, Julia Chantrey and Kelly Le Brock to be one of the top 3 movies on the web to make the most significant gains in social media trends.


10 Days In A Madhouse - The Nellie Bly Story, which just premiered to a triumphant opening at Cannes in the heart of the festival on May 17th, was listed by Variety this week on the trending leaderboard as one of the three films on the world wide web that tracked the largest relative growth in DAR (from the previous 7-day measurement period), and is also in the top 25% on the web based on absolute DAR.

The Variety Weekly Top 5 and Trending leaderboards for film represent the 7-day (Wednesday – Tuesday) sum total of DAR for all US Domestic Films that have been publicly announced and slated for a commercial theatrical release. Films are rated daily from initial public announcement through 4 weeks post home entertainment street date. Festival films and other films not slated for a commercial theatrical release are excluded from this ranking cohort but available to be rated directly by ListenFirst Media.

10 Days In A Madhouse - The Nellie Bly Story had its first public screening at the US festival premiere of the movie on the famous reporter Nellie Bly’s birthday at Geena Davis’ Bentonville Film Festival which celebrates women and diversity. The movie premiered at the BFF to overwhelming audience approval in a sold out screening.

The movie then premiered at the 68th Cannes Film Festival in non competition to equal audience approval and success. The Cannes Film Festival premiere of 10 Days In A Madhouse - The Nellie Bly Story had amongst the enthusiastic audience, members of the media, top industry professionals such as Jack Kindberg, former president of Sony Studios and renowned Danish director, actress and model Janne Kindberg.

The movie, adapted closely from Nellie Bly’s book by director Timothy Hines, tells the true life experience of 1887 world famous journalist Nellie Bly going undercover for publisher Joseph Pulitzer into the notorious Blackwell’s Island Insane Asylum to uncover institutionalized corruption, abuse and murder.

Christopher Lambert also stars in the upcoming, Hail Caesar!, alongside George Clooney, Francis McDormant, Josh Brolin, Scarlet Johansen and Jonah Hill which is being produced and directed by the Cohen Brothers who were this years co-presidents of the jury at the 68th Cannes Film Festival.

At Cannes, Director Timothy Hines and 10 Days In A Madhouse star Caroline Barry attended the red carpet invitational world premiere of Sicario in competition, along with cast members Josh Brolin, Emily Blunt, Benicio del Toro and a packed auditorium.

Along with the stars Caroline Barry, Christopher Lambert, Julia Chantrey and Kelly Le Brock, the cast of 96 includes David Lee Garver, David Mitchum Brown, Katie Singleton, Jessa Campbell, Natalia Davidenko, Talya Mar, Rachel Bohanon, Everette Scott Ortiz, Bob Olin, Kaitlin O’Toole, Summer Cropper, Christopher Beeson, Saskia Larsen, Sam Davidow and Matt Storm.

10 Days In A Madhouse - The Nellie Bly Story was produced by Susan Goforth, executive produced by Strath Hamilton and Marcy Levitas Hamilton, co-produced by Donovan Le, Saskia Larsen and Stephen Eckelberry.

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