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Presence Health and Fibroblast Partner to Improve Quality, Control Costs, and Improve Care Coordination for Millions of Illinois Patients

Presence Health and Fibroblast jointly announce a new partnership for innovative referral management technology that will reduce fragmentation and streamline navigation as patients move between providers and services while receiving medical care.

Chicago, IL - One of the ways leading health systems improve quality, control costs and improve care coordination is by leveraging emerging technology. Presence Health and Fibroblast jointly announce a new partnership for innovative referral management technology that will reduce fragmentation and streamline navigation as patients move between providers and services while receiving medical care. The contract was inked in March 2015.

"Adoption of this technology will be a huge benefit to the patients and enrollees in the Presence Health network, and to physicians as well. Presence is transforming its own infrastructure at startup speed, which is both rare and refreshing to see for a system of this size and complexity,” said Scott Vold, CEO and co-founder of Fibroblast.

The adoption of this new technology aligns with Presence Health’s Vision to lead the transformation of health care. The partnership with Fibroblast is mutually beneficial as it allows Presence to leverage technology in a new way and Fibroblast to catalyze the development of this tool across one of the largest health systems in Illinois.

"Presence Health is committed to giving patients our best by continuously improving how we do things, which in this case, means moving to a physician referral process that is more responsive and able to meet the needs of our physicians and our consumers. After serious study, we believe Fibroblast’s platform of tools addresses what has been lacking in referral management processes across the country, and we’re thrilled to be an early adopter of this exciting technology,” said Amy Dirks Stevens, President, Presence Health Partners, Presence Health’s clinically-integrated accountable care organization.

The secure, HIPAA compliant software is flexible and easy to deploy. Because Fibroblast is web-based, Presence Health’s independent physicians can use the software with their existing internet connections and computer or mobile devices. For Presence Health’s employed physicians, Fibroblast can integrate with the electronic health record and practice management system.

Millions of times each year, patients have medical needs that require expertise from different providers in different places. In order to involve others in diagnosis and treatment of illness, physicians “refer” patients to other physicians or services (from primary care to specialist, from specialist to diagnostic procedure, from emergency room to primary care, to name just a few examples). By definition, the referral process contains a bewildering number of transitions and handoffs.

Despite its complexity, too often the management of referrals still depends on time-consuming and error-prone manual/paper processes. Many office staff use one-way communication tools such as FAX machines to send and receive referrals. Doctors search for each other by phone or pager. Records and notes from the receiver to the sender have to manually route back to the patient’s chart. Tools to comprehensively understand and visualize key clinical data elements in real time are limited. Despite best efforts, administrative inefficiencies remain commonplace, wasting time, complicating the patient’s experience, fragmenting care, increasing medical system costs, and producing limited business intelligence.

Efficient, effective referral management is therefore a key linchpin in improving care and lowering costs as the market platform for health care delivery moves providers from volume to value based reimbursement structures.

Fibroblast automates and improves the physician referral process from beginning to end and everywhere in between, resulting in:

• Increased patient satisfaction, including peace of mind that comes from knowing referrals are made with the patient’s personal insurance and network in mind, preventing financial harm to families that can accompany out-of-network referrals.
• Increased physician and staff satisfaction by mapping referrals in real-time and closing the referral loop.
• Improved patient outcomes through better access to care and care results.
• Concentrated and focused care inside accountable care organizations, and reduced leakage from networks that are financially rewarded or penalized based on patient outcomes (rather than diffusing and fragmenting care by ad hoc referrals outside those accountability safeguards).
• Assurance that referrals flow to high quality, low cost providers.
• Increased drive toward top-line revenues.

About Fibroblast
Fibroblast is a Chicago-based health technology company on a mission to fix the broken referral process to ensure that no patient falls through a crack in the healthcare system and misses out on potentially lifesaving care. Fibroblast automates the physician referral process and reduces patient leakage from provider networks, increasing revenue and mapping referral patterns in real-time. In the fee-for-service context, Fibroblast closes the referral loop to drive top-line revenues, increase patient satisfaction, and improve patient outcomes through better access to care. In the fee-for-value context, Fibroblast’s automated referral platform reduces risk by driving referrals to the highest quality, lowest cost providers, improving profitability, patient outcomes, and population health. Fibroblast is venture-funded, an alum of Excelerate Labs/TechStars and 1871, and a founding member of Matter, a community of healthcare entrepreneurs and industry leaders working together in a shared space to individually and collectively fuel the future of healthcare innovation.

About Presence Health
Presence Health is the largest Catholic health system based in Illinois, created in November 2011 through the merger of Provena Health and Resurrection Health Care. With more than 150 sites of care, including 12 hospitals, Presence Health has more than 20,000 employees, 4,000 medical professionals and a revenue base of $2.7 billion.

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